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Protect your Google Ads


Protect your ads and stop wasteful click. Drive more ROI from your Google Ads and win the race at all costs.
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over 5000 clients
$50 million saved from click fraud
2 billion clicks investigated

How it works

ClickGUARD’s data-driven approach and highly customizable technology create a multitude of benefits for Google Ads users.

Identify click waste

Easily identify click fraud, bots, competitors, click farms and botnets clicking on your Ads.

Block bad traffic

Stop wasteful and irrelevant traffic from hurting your Google Ads.

Grow your Ads’ ROI

Improve your customer acquisition performance with Google Ads and increase ROI.
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Stop Paying For Worthless Click Fraud
Ready to secure your marketing efforts to maximise ROI?

Why ClickGUARD?

Identify click fraud & waste

See the source of each and every Google Ads click. Identify fraudulent, spammy, or non-engaged clicks.

Full control

Over how, why, and what traffic you are blocking, with custom rules for each of your campaigns.

Eliminate click waste

Set up customized rules, block the fraudulent traffic sources and let the engaged traffic come in.

Full transparency

With in-depth post-click analysis, which allows you to make the best data-driven decisions.

Data on the go

With the ClickGUARD mobile app you have access to your data whenever and wherever you need it.

Grow your Customer Acquisition ROI

By stopping wasteful clicks, improve your return on Ad spend and save your budget.

Thorough analysis with advanced click forensics

Think you know what’s behind your Google Ads?! You don’t know the full story.

ClickGUARD’s click forensics technology offers you “insider” information about each click on your Google Ads campaigns. This way, you can analyze where each click is coming from, what they are doing on your website, and if they are worth your budget. Good clicks, bad clicks?!

Now you can investigate and make your own data-driven decisions.
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Hey there, Google Advertiser!

What’s up, Agencies?

As a digital marketing agency, you have to plan, implement and optimize multiple campaigns at once. This leaves no room to lose clients due to click fraud and lack of insights.
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Get in-depth click forensics for every click
Improve your ad spend and boost your ROAS
Increase conversion rates
Maintain a high ROI for your campaigns
Stand out with an optimized portfolio
Get your click forensic data on the go

Howdy, Google Ads Pro!

If you are a Google Ads professional running ads for yourself or a handful of clients, you want to make every click count.
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Heya, Entrepreneur!

We know you keep track of your marketing budget. Don't let it get wasted by click fraud. Uncover potential threats and keep your ROI and customer acquisition healthy.
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Effectively block competitor clicks and bots
Save your budget and improve your ROI
Manage your traffic quality with custom rules
Scale your Google Ads efforts
Run sustainable and safe Google Ads campaigns
Keep your marketing funnel "clean"

Working in an enterprise? Good day to you too!

Running several Google Ads campaigns within your marketing strategy all at the same time means facing several threats on multiple fronts. Monitor your campaigns with click forensics and prevent budget waste.
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Customer Stories

How CLICKPlacement stopped Click Fraud and reduced wasteful ad spend from 40% to 0% in just 3 days

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Would I recommend ClickGUARD?! Of course!
Todd Nevins
Paid Advertising Agency Founder

Hear more from our fantastic customers

Karina T.
CEO and Founder

"Amazing Click Fraud Protection Tool that Delivers More Than Expected!"

I started using ClickGUARD to manage click fraud, but after I set up the landing page and conversion tracking code, I realized this tool delivers more than just fraudulent clicks. I started seeing the user behavior and I was able to adjust my campaigns accordingly.
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Mario S.
Digital Marketing Specialist

"Well worth the price, a decent platform with good support"

Easy to set up, with the help of their team. We've been using them for over a year now and can see a significant difference compared to before. We use it to track keyword abuse, traffic and geolocation data. The reports are also very useful.
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Luisa C.
Growth Hacker

"A decent platform well worth the price"

A great platform to have if you’re running Google Ads campaigns that operate in very competitive industries. We like Clickguard because it provides a kind of firewall that we didn’t know we needed and now can’t live without.
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Protecting Your Google Ads from Click Fraud and Waste is just a swipe away!

You can stop click fraud, get easy access to all your Google Ads data and make the best data-driven decisions with the ClickGUARD app. Just install it on your phone and log in to all your ClickGUARD data in just a few quick swipes!
Stop click fraud and invalid traffic
Protect your Google Ads ROI
Stop Paying For Worthless Invalid Click Fraud
Secure your marketing ROI to safely scale your Google Ads like never before, with 24/7 real-time protection.