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Cleaner, better traffic to
out-perform your competitors

Make clean PPC traffic your competitive advantage to boost ROI


Ads accounts and domains protected by ClickGUARD

Works the way you need. Automatically.

Fully automated, customizable click fraud prevention and reporting gives you the data you need to optimize at speed.

Get the most from your PPC campaigns with toggle on/off protection settings to shape your traffic & hone your exclusions.

Why ClickGUARD?

ClickGUARD combines granular control, rigorous data insights, and click fraud protection systems with a sleek new User Interface built for next-gen operational ease.

Optimize for intent by blocking invalid traffic

Not every bad click is malicious. Knowing the difference means you can easily divide threat from opportunity.

ClickGUARD breaks down your invalid traffic to help you understand the value, behavior, and intentions of each and every click – allowing you to optimize perfectly for intent, source by source.

Enhance traffic quality

Increase conversion rates

Protect your PPC budget, block click fraud easily

Defend your PPC campaigns from unscrupulous competitors. ClickGUARD offers next-gen click fraud prevention systems that combine threat level analysis, unique device ID, and ISP/geolocation detection to provide 24/7 click fraud protection. Which means you can spend your budget on leads, not frauds.

Safeguard valuable resources

Secure to assure ROI efficiency

Mitigate the disastrous effect of ad bots

Only 60% of all web traffic is human. Everything else is bots — and the bad ones click on your ads, slow your website, and skew your PPC data.

ClickGUARD’s bot detection and mitigation features limit, block, and redirect malicious malware. All while retaining and safeguarding access for essential and useful bots.

End wasteful PPC spending

Block disruptive click fraud

Every click verified
Every click quantified

Want to go deeper? By all means. We’re famed for providing the granular detail and analytics functionality that allows leading PPC and Demand Gen experts to identify & eliminate even the most persistent sources of click fraud and bot traffic.

ClickGUARD is the tool for PPC experts who understand the true
value of data.

Clarity and control like
never before

Better results with the
same budget

Easy integrations with your favorite tools and platforms.

Pre-built integration for fast deployment with tools like WordPress, WebFlow, Wix, Tags manager, HubSpot, Shopify and more..

“We can easily integrate ClickGUARD’s tracking solution with any of our clients accounts in a matter of seconds.”
Ana Winter,SEM Manager at

Customer Stories

“We went from a 40% budget burn down to a 0.00% in just three days. The problem was eliminated.”
“When using ClickGUARD, we found out that 24% of our clients’ campaigns were coming from click fraud. Thanks to ClickGUARD, we could block click fraud, and we also learned a lot of things about user behavior.”
Battle Plan
“Our clients were really happy. We did a little of both: we reduced ad spend and increased conversions - which also increased ROI.”
Todd Nevins
Karina Tama
Founder & CEO
Mark Ambrose
CEO and Founder