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Our mission

At ClickGUARD, we help Google Ads professionals protect and optimize their campaigns. Our mission is to completely eliminate wasteful ad traffic, beyond click fraud. 

The ClickGUARD story

ClickGUARD was born out of our founder's frustration of having lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to click fraud attacks orchestrated out of Russia in a previously owned business. Further research revealed a large and thriving black-hat, underground networks and tools designed to exploit thousands of small businesses who are forced to simply accept click fraud as just “a cost of doing business”. 

Well, we decided things needed to change and set out to build the most effective solution possible to help prevent this kind of abuse and waste.

We built ClickGUARD to be more than just a set of tools, but a highly personalized service first platform that's guaranteed to save you money while making your Google Ads campaigns significantly more profitable.

Excited? So are we! ClickGUARD is going to change the way you run Google Ads campaigns so don’t hesitate to start your free trial now!

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Brilliant professionals dedicated to combating click fraud.

+32 Million

Dollars saved from click fraud for our clients in 2019.

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Protecting the worlds leading Google Ads professionals from wasteful ad clicks.

The world's #1 network for fighting Google Ads waste. 


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