About ClickGUARD - In a Nutshell

Vigilantly defending your ads from wasteful clicks.

In a nutshell

ClickGUARD protects AdWords accounts from all types of unwanted ad clicks, allowing PPC advertisers to verify and control their paid traffic, protecting them from wasteful ad clicks. We provide the world’s most advanced intelligent click fraud prevention platform and service to businesses seeking to better understand and prevent losses to non-profitable resource draining clicks.

ClickGUARD Software is privately held and headquartered in Playa Vista, CA. We are a remote-first organization with dedicated employees across the world, working with innovative tech and helping businesses and digital marketing professionals get the best results from their advertising campaigns.


The year ClickGUARD was founded in New York, NY.


 Brilliant professionals dedicated to combating click fraud.


Bot clicks blocked by ClickGUARD.

The amount passion we have for solving customer problems.

Born from frustration

ClickGUARD was born out of our founders frustration of having personally lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to orchestrated competitive click fraud attacks. Fact is a ridiculous and disproportionately large part of ad vendors’ profits come at the expense of thousands of small businesses being forced to accept unwanted ad clicks as “the cost of doing business”. Well we decided things needed to change, and set out to build a sophisticated solution that would help to prevent this kind of abuse and waste through intelligent ad traffic validation and proactive approach to defence from click fraud.

We’ve been in your shoes, and know what it’s like to scream at deaf ear, so we built ClickGUARD to be more than just a set of tools, but a highly personalized service first platform that guarantees to save you money while making your AdWords campaigns significantly more profitable.

Excited? So are we! ClickGUARD is going to change the way you run AdWords campaigns so don’t hesitate to start your Free Trial now!

On a passionate mission

“To prevent click fraud and stop money wasting ad clicks”

In order to achieve this ClickGUARD is set to offer the best ad traffic monitoring and fraud prevention tools for AdWords through highly innovative technology and modern, easy to navigate user-friendly tools that uniquely puts advertisers back in the driver seat. ClickGUARD provides forensic insight and ad traffic control you won’t find anywhere else.

The things we care about

1. Integrity

Innovative tech and talent is meaningless without integrity. We believe trust is something that is earned with honesty, respect and the true commitment to solving your problems.

2. Transparency

We believe in, conduct and service our customers with complete transparency. We aim to be fully accountable in all business practices, internally and with our customers.

3. Grit and Tenacity

Taking on goliath size problems requires courage, grit and high tolerance for pain. Giving up is never an option so we’re here to go the extra mile when needed!

6. Relationships over tech

Success means achieving transparency and accountability in ad tech. Our customers are our partners, and continuous communication a top priority.

5. Embracing feedback

Feedback is a gift, whether it’s coming from our customers, from each other or the market. We seek and welcome feedback when it’s most difficult to hear.

6. Constant evolution

We are committed to delivering the best industry solution at all levels. This means we continually improve ourselves and our execution.

Who is ClickGUARD for?​

ClickGUARD was built to be used not only by those experiencing money wasting click fraud, but for every AdWords user demanding transparency, accountability and control over their ad traffic. If you refuse to accept the abusive and costly status quo – ClickGUARD is for you! Our platform can be configured to service any industry vertical that uses Google’s search and display advertising network. We are building a solution designed to take on the growing 16+ billion dollar click fraud problem that plagues the entire PPC advertising industry.

Some of the industries that use ClickGUARD include: 

  • Finance & Insurance
  • E-commerce Retail
  • Service providers
  • Healthcare Franchise
  • Education Francise
  • Affiliate Marketers

If you’re an agency (mostly AdWords marketing company), we have solutions designed specifically for you. Heck, if driving conversions at the lowest possible cost per acquisition (CTA) is your goal then our software was built to give you a truly competitive edge. We’re the only company that provides you with account specific highly customizable protective rule sets and more.

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