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Stop Click Fraud & Eliminate Wasteful Google Ads Spend.

ClickGUARD effectively safeguards and maximizes your Google Ads ROI so you can focus on the quality and success of your business without having to deal with abusive, disruptive, fraudulent and wasteful clicks.

Worthless and undesirable clicks from fraudulent and low-value sources that never convert are stopping your business from reaching its full revenue potential.

Trusted by leading websites

over 5000 clients
$50 million saved from click fraud
2 billion clicks investigated

Our Mission

With advanced click forensics, ClickGUARD enables you to analyze every click, stop the bad ones and let your Google Ads ROI skyrocket.
Every click counts so stop the ones that waste your budget!

Our Story

Sometimes, bad stories have happy endings (or, in this case, continuations). Our story started with frustration. A hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars type of frustration generated by wasteful clicks in Google Ads piling up, and up, and up...

Ralph Perrier noticed that his former business’ Google Ads account had been collecting invalid clicks from dubious sources -- so he decided to dig deeper. What he uncovered was worthy of a Hollywood action movie: vast networks of black-hat click farms and click bots created with the purpose of generating profit for cybercriminals by practically stealing companies' Google Ads budgets (without giving anything in return). Obviously, the problem of waste in Google Ads has only grown bigger and darker since Ralph faced it in his former business.

That's the bad part of the story, what about the happy one?

That’s when Ralph Perrier decided to stand up against what he unraveled to be a multibillion dollar problem: click fraud and invalid ad traffic. Not only did he become vocal about it, but he also built the very best solution for this problem: ClickGUARD.

The year was 2016, and the day ClickGUARD came to life marked the beginning of a whole new era: a data-driven era where Google Ads specialists can access, analyze, and optimize their campaigns by monitoring every single click in their Google Ads accounts.

Little by little, people rallied around ClickGUARD and its cause -- and today, both our headcount and our user base keeps on growing! We’ve helped thousands of Google Ads accounts save money and reinvest it in better traffic -- and we will continue to do so from hereon as well!


The year ClickGUARD was founded.


Brilliant professionals dedicated to combating click fraud.

+50 Million

Dollars saved from click fraud for our clients since 2016.

The amount of passion we have for solving customer problems.

Our leadership team !

Ralph Perrier

Director, CEO
Ralph is a tech entrepreneur, consulting investor, and founder of ClickGUARD with more than 18 years of expertise in digital marketing.
What I do?
I work with department leads to ensure they are well-integrated, highly motivated and focused on changing the AdTech space for digital marketers by delivering game-changing products and personal experiences.
Fun Fact
Ralph strongly believes we’re all living in, and being manipulated by “The Matrix”. He questions anything mainstream, and is constantly looking for and finding glitches in “the program”.
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Miloš Đekić

Head of Product & Operations
Miloš is a well versed project and product manager and software craftsman with a knack for building teams, processes and software.
What I do?
I carefully arrange important details, working with multiple teams to deliver game-changing solutions for digital marketers.
Fun Fact
Miloš is a jack of all trades and a master of none. A craftsman of solutions, facilitator of process and enemy of chaos, in a constant attempt to be awesome and make people around him awesome(r).
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Aleksandar Djordjevic

Head of Customer Success
As Head of Customer Success he oversees customer on-boarding and ensures our clients receive value throughout their entire product experience.
What I do?
Oversee customer onboarding and ensure organisations receive clear value throughout our entire product experience.
Fun Fact
Owns a room of board games and hates to write stuff about himself.
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Dušan Lilić

CTO, Head of Engineering
Dušan is an experienced software architect with a passion for building engaging and interesting Internet products.
What I do?
I lead a team responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the entire tech stack, everything from client-side applications to DevOps and database administration.
Fun Fact
Dusan plays a 7-string guitar and likes clicking on heads in video games.
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Octavia Drexler

Content Coordinator
Octavia is a content marketer with 10 years of experience in content creation, content strategy, and content management.
What I do?
I work with the Marketing Team and a team of writers to strategize, create, and coordinate quality content for digital marketing & PPC professionals
Fun Fact
Octavia has too many books and she hopes she will finish them by the time she retires.
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Customer Stories

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Would I recommend ClickGUARD?! Of course!
Todd Nevins
Paid Advertising Agency Founder
Stop Paying For Worthless Invalid Click Fraud
Secure your marketing ROI to safely scale your Google Ads like never before, with 24/7 real-time protection.