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The leader in click fraud protection.

Transparent & Accountable Protection

Full Suite Of Tools

We provide a complete suite of forensic based, protection and auditing tools designed to eliminate the threat of click fraud and give unprecedented controls.

Powerful Platform

Each business has unique click fraud vulnerabilities, so our powerful and flexible platform targets your specific threats to protect your advertising dollars.

World's Leading Experts

Money wasting clicks can be disastrous to business operations, so our experts are dedicated to delivering the world’s best click fraud protective solutions.

Stop Fraudulent Clicks Now!

Save Money & Boost Your Campaigns By Blocking Wasteful Clicks


ClickGUARD is the first forensics-based, fully autonomous click fraud protection platform designed to defend advertisers against money wasting clicks that were not being filtered and detected by leading advertising platforms. The co-founders set out to develop the most advanced machine learning click fraud detection system as an answer to the billions of wasted dollars on fraudulent, non-converting ad clicks.


ClickGUARD’s network is built to detect, assess and block fraudulent clicks that circumvent standard invalid click systems from platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, adRoll and others.

We leverage unique data, science and patented technology to provide advanced click fraud detection and proactive defense against click fraud. ClickGUARD is committed to providing our customers with peace of mind against the growing threat of click fraud.


We offer a suite of products to fit the diverse needs of paid click advertisers, but at the core, our technology empowers customers with convenient and customizable solutions designed to provide additional security and advanced budget management control layers to their campaigns.


In the battle to protect advertisers from click fraud, ClickGUARD’s role as an industry leader is to stay ahead of growing click fraud threats by leveraging unique data, science and patented technology. We’re focused not only on developing innovative products, but also contributing to the scientific community with advanced field-specific knowledge, advocating for systemic change to fight click fraud, and supporting research that makes knowledge about click fraud broadly accessible.