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Jason Pittock

Jason is a passionate data-driven specialist with extensive PPC & SEO experience. When not writing about SEM he can be found surfboarding the wildest ocean waves of the Argentinian coast.


Examples of Highly Effective Google Ads Copy
October 22, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 7 min reading time

Running a successful Google Ads campaign isn’t easy. It is the world’s largest ad network that holds 90% of market share in the world. When you run an ad campaign on Google Ads, you are […]

2020 Global Ad & PPC - Click Fraud Statistics
October 14, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 7 min reading time

Before getting into the click fraud statistics lets take a quick look at what the problem is. What is click fraud anyway? One of the first things that you need to be cautious of when […]

The Top Google Display Ads that Convert Every Single Time (examples included)
October 8, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 10 min reading time

The Best Google Display Ads Examples for High Converting Campaigns Advertising plays a strong role in shaping our attitudes and beliefs over just about everything. If you’re going to advertise it pays to review a […]

Should SaaS Entrepreneurs Be Granular When it Comes to Marketing ROI?
October 7, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 10 min reading time

The Problem With "Marketing ROI" As marketers, we walk a fine line between being too entrenched in data and being too high-level with our marketing results. On the one hand, the high-level end, what matters […]

How I learnt Not to Trust Google Smart Campaigns and the Machine Learning of the Largest PPC Network in the World.
September 30, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 18 min reading time

Do you blindly trust Google Smart campaigns that make you believe they’re the fast-track to marketing success? Let me share with you my story that might make you think twice. Google has been on a […]

3 Ninja Ways to Block Invalid Traffic IVT and Bot Farms with IP Exclusions
September 28, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 8 min reading time

The Problem with Invalid Traffic IVT Generating quality website traffic is the biggest dilemma of today’s businesses, marketers, and advertisers. If you have an online presence, you need traffic. Traffic drives the internet. No traffic […]

Bot Farms and Click Bots - the secret "sauce" of invalid PPC clicks
September 21, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 14 min reading time

Bot Farms a Billion Dollar Industry & How to Unravel their Black Magic PPC click fraud is a gigantic industry that’s growing rapidly. It is estimated that the global click fraud market will cross $44 […]

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