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Jason Pittock

Jason is a passionate data-driven specialist with extensive PPC & SEO experience. When not writing about SEM he can be found surfboarding the wildest ocean waves of the Argentinian coast.


Machine Learning and Google Smart Campaigns—The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
September 16, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 12 min reading time

Machine learning in PPC has become mainstream, and there is no going around it. Artificial intelligence and ML have found their place within many industries and have infiltrated our lives far more than you can […]

ROAS vs ROI in PPC? Look 'n Learn How to Calculate it in Less Than 7 Minutes.
September 8, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 13 min reading time

One of the biggest challenges that marketers and advertisers face is related to proving the return on investment on the campaigns they run. Proving marketing ROI is the second biggest global challenge faced by marketers. […]

Is Click Fraud Negatively Impacting Your ROAS? 3+1 Reasons why it could be, and it's time you STOPPED it!
September 2, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 11 min reading time

ROAS calculation in modern-day marketing Advertising your business is no longer as simple as taking out an ad in print media like the local yellow pages or the daily newspaper. While the mode of advertising […]

A 'zombie squad' of bots (and bot farms) are going to pinch $7.2 BN from PPC this year?
August 19, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 6 min reading time

Mitigating the threat of bot farms PPC campaigns are great avenues for bringing customers to your company as long as you’re cautious about preventing bot farms from thwarting your efforts. What are bot farms and […]

Dirty Secrets About Click Fraud - 6 Secrets Exposed - Do You Know Them?
August 19, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 7 min reading time

The dirty secrets behind click fraud are well worth knowing, if you are a marketer, business owner or just looking to understand more on this subject, these are some of the secrets you should know. […]

Depending on Machine Learning for Click Fraud Prevention. Yes or No?
August 12, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 7 min reading time

Click fraud is a term that describes all the interactions with a PPC ad that don't generate legit traffic. These interactions are usually done by robots, hackers or online criminals. As you work toward building […]

Click Fraud The Darkness or The Light?
August 12, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 7 min reading time

Click fraud costs digital advertisers and businesses some real bucks. Statista estimates that the cost of digital ad fraud will surpass $44 billion by 2022. There are numerous types of costs associated with click fraud. […]

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