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Jason Pittock

Jason is a passionate data-driven specialist with extensive PPC & SEO experience. When not writing about SEM he can be found surfboarding the wildest ocean waves of the Argentinian coast.


25 Pieces of Search Advertising Statistics You Need as a PPC Marketer in 2021
April 18, 2021 by Jason Pittock | 8 min reading time

2020 was a turbulent year that upended all the rules we’ve grown accustomed to.  Whether you are a business owner or digital advertiser, you likely had to re-think your marketing strategies and pivot several times […]

Google Ads Broad Match: What's Going On, Really?
April 18, 2021 by Jason Pittock | 9 min reading time

It’s official… Google Ads Google Ads Broad Match is being retired. It’s been a slow phase-out that has been in place for about 2-3 years now. So, how is this going to affect you as […]

5 Myths in the PPC Fraud Protection Industry You Need to Know
March 31, 2021 by Jason Pittock | 4 min reading time

The PPC fraud protection industry seems like a pretty scary place. On the one hand, you are constantly assaulted with companies telling you that your competition is clicking on your ads to drain your budget. […]

Should You Target CPA in Google Ads? -- A Bidding Strategy Overview
March 31, 2021 by Jason Pittock | 6 min reading time

Google Ads bidding strategies can be a bit of a mystery sometimes, but knowing which one suits your business, goals, and market is absolutely critical when it comes to the success of your ad campaigns. […]

Google Ads Examples from 2020 You Want to Remember in 2021
March 31, 2021 by Jason Pittock | 4 min reading time

Looking at Google Ads examples from 2020 might just be what you need when you’re running out of ideas. It’s not that you should copy them, it’s just that sometimes, good Google ads give us […]

What Is Inbound Marketing and How to Connect Your PPC Campaigns with It?
March 31, 2021 by Jason Pittock | 5 min reading time

Despite popular belief, marketers are not the guys that print out T-shirts and notebooks for special events. Marketing used to be a lot about that, but ever since this amazing thing called “inbound marketing” was […]

How to Block Bots as a Digital Marketer [2021 Guide]
March 29, 2021 by Jason Pittock | 8 min reading time

If your site is optimized well, you’re surely getting lots of visitors. Whether you know it or not, thousands of them are probably not even human, but spam bots, and they’re crawling all over your […]

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