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5 Customer-Centric Tips for PPC Agencies and Freelancers

It should come as no surprise that PPC agencies and freelancers can sometimes become so engrossed in the technical side of the business that they forget what it’s all about — the customers. The pay-per-click world sure can get insular. It’s a complex form of advertising, after all, and that makes it very engaging to […]

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Rule Of The Week #6 Block IP ranges that bring no-fingerprint traffic

Category: No-fingerprint What does it do: Eliminates repeated clicks from unknown devices coming from IP ranges Why is it effective: Because it automatically blocks all IP ranges that bring traffic from devices that lack a digital fingerprint Here is the overview of the protection rule ClickGUARD protection rule that blocks IP ranges bringing traffic from […]

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How Much Should You Spend on PPC Advertising?

Setting a budget is one of the most important decisions marketers must make when creating their PPC campaigns. It’s also among the most challenging ones. The lack of data, absence of a structured approach, or simply not having a clear goal, can all cause you to create a budget that doesn’t help get the most […]

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Rule Of The Week #5 Time-on-site rule that excludes low-quality placements

Category: Time-on-site What does it do: Excludes placements that bring low-quality visits from Display advertising. Why is it effective: It automatically excludes placements that bring visitors who do not engage with your content. Here is the overview of the protection rule ClickGUARD protection rule that excludes placements that bring a lot of visitors that do […]

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Excluding bad placements automatically to eliminate low-quality PPC traffic

Unfortunately for advertisers, it’s extremely easy to abuse ads on Google Display Network. With paid search, Google applies a certain level of protection to your ads, saving you from lots of headaches. But running banner or video ads on the GDN’s placements is a whole different thing. You are usually left to the mercy of […]

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