Google Ads agencies looking for B2B projects have a huge opportunity to grow fast due to the high ticket sales B2B projects generate. B2B marketing is a lucrative business. Why? Because businesses are working hard to stay viable, they must rely on digital marketing and PPC ad campaigns to make that happen. A Google Ads agency is a prime ingredient in driving the right marketing products and services and traffic.

The internet is the most competitive marketplace in the world. If you have been overlooking the importance of online advertising, you have to look no further than using a Google Ads Agency to run Google ads to take your B2B business to the next level. 

pros and cons of B2B projects for google ads agency

Are B2B Clients What You Want for Your Google Ads Agency?

There are pros and cons of being in B2B Marketing. In this article, we will go over both. Then you can decide if getting  B2B projects is the best option for your Google Ads agency.

First, let’s  look at the  benefits of going after B2B clients.

Top Benefits of Acquiring B2B Projects for Your Google Ads Agency

Why dive into B2B? There are two reasons. First, the B2B market share is huge! Second, you can make a lot of money when you get B2B projects streaming in. 

How big is the B2B market? 

  • Worldwide ad spending in 2020 was 378 billion
  • Worldwide ad spending in 2021 increased to over 455 billion
  • With the exception of 2020 when the pandemic hit, digital ad spending has been steadily increasing (Statista)

Analysts project digital spending could reach $524 billion in 2022, $585 billion by 2023, and a whopping $645 billion by 2024.

With the numbers for ad spending trending so high, it’s easy to see how profitable it can be to get B2B projects and why a Google Ads agency can give your business a massive boost. 

As you get B2B projects increasingly on your books, you will quickly realize the advantages they bring. 

B2B Relationships Are Loyal

The B2B sales cycle is longer than with B2C sales. It costs more time, effort, and money to build B2B relationships, but once the sale has been made, customers are loyal for the long term, which means less churn. To that end, it’s crucial to put the same effort into finding the best agency partner in B2B sales, especially if you’re going to start a B2B dropshipping business. The effort you put into the relationship upfront starts the process of building trust which is an essential component to a client-agency partnership. 

Sales transactions net higher revenue

The dollar value of your sales will always be higher for B2B customers than for individuals. 

Companies have higher budgets for marketing than sole proprietors and gig workers trying to make a fast buck. For example, you may be able to offer a large marketing package to a business that includes SEO, content writing, Google Ads campaigns, etc.. An individual consumer may only have a budget for a fraction of those services. 

B2B relationships require setting up contracts and this gives both parties a fair amount of security. A contract guarantees that sellers will deliver the services they promised, and it also guarantees buyers will pay as promised. 

Collective Education Results in Stronger Relationships

One of the benefits of B2B relationships is it creates a climate of mutual learning. Business owners and fellow marketers have much to learn from each other, and that has great value in itself.

For example, it’s enlightening for agency owners to gain a better understanding of how businesses operate, what challenges they face, and how they achieve their goals.

Moreover, the knowledge you gain will help you improve your skills as you work for other brands in various industries.    

Top Disadvantages of Aiming for B2B Projects

Nothing is ever without disadvantages, and being in B2B as a marketing agency makes no exception. Hare are some of the less attractive parts of being a B2B marketing agency:

The Target Market for B2B Clients Is Limited 

People work for companies and there are simply more people than companies. The scope of who you can market to in your quest to get B2B projects is inherently a lot smaller than a Google Ads agency that is targeting B2C clients. 

Having said that, if you take another look at the statistics we brought forth earlier, you will quickly realize that the B2B market is only small by comparison to the B2C market. When you look at the potential for B2B sales, the market share is still quite large. 

Essentially, the market to get B2B projects is virtually limitless. There is as much B2B business available in cyberspace as your Google Ads agency can effectively handle, and then some. 

With digital marketing, you aren’t limited by the type of industry. You can go after any B2B business where you have any level of expertise. If you prefer to narrow your market to a niche industry, that can also be a successful endeavor for your Google Ads agency.

What we’re really trying to say here is, you are really only limited by your time and capacity. But hey, you can always hire more people to take your Google Ads agency to the next level, right? 

Multiple Decision-Makers Influence Your Closing Rate

Here’s a big tip for you. The owner, president, or CEO is not always the decision-maker for B2B marketing sales. If the company is very large, there could be multiple people or even multiple departments involved in deciding to go with your Google Ads agency or take a pass. 

Unlike with B2C marketing where consumers make quick decisions, it may take weeks or months to get a thumbs up to go with your Google Ads agency. The sales funnel is longer and it contains more steps than with B2C marketing. 

You have to be prepared to go through a lot of work to get B2B projects knowing full well the company could say no in the end. Don’t let that discourage you. Keep your eye on the prize because there are many more fish in the sea. 

Despite any disadvantages, B2B selling is a prime market because they are continually in need of digital marketing services to keep their businesses sustainable. 

The B2B sales process is more complex than B2C sales. It often demands more meetings, some of them in person. Decision-makers are less inclined to take an objective or emotional perspective of sales, favoring to rely more heavily on quantifiable factors.

To clinch a B2B sale, salespeople need to demonstrate that their Google Ads agency can manage Google Ads campaigns expertly, and scale them at the right time. It takes presenting relevant KPIs and successful case studies to multiple decision-makers before you can get them to sign on the dotted line. 

How to Get B2B Projects for Your Digital Marketing Agency

Google Ads are the biggest driver of B2B sales acquisition and scaling. PPC ads are an effective complement to organic lead generation because they accelerate visibility. 

How does your Google Ads agency get B2B clients’ attention to get them onboard with Google Ads campaigns? 

Put the following tips in your marketing toolkit right now!

  • Create a presentation that shows why a business needs Google Ads to grow. Include a couple of case studies for good measure. 
  • Run Google Ads to sell your advertising services to businesses.
  • Leverage SEO to attract organic leads to your website. They historically have high conversion rates.
  • Set up promotions or develop irresistible advertising packages. 
  • Give them a free trial. Create a single ad campaign for a limited duration and only charge B2B clients for the Google Ads budget. Once they see the value you provide, they will move more quickly through the sales funnel. 
  • Become active in PPC groups. You may have leads they want and vice versa, and getting B2B clients this way costs you nothing. Referrals are always welcome!
  • Offer a referral fee for clients you get from others that convert to clients. 
  • Showcase case studies on your website to stand as testimonies to prove your agency’s worth. 
  • Focus heavily on LinkedIn ads because that’s where B2B clients hang out. It’s a great place to add links to case studies, blog articles, and more. 
  • Scrape data to get B2B email addresses to set up an outbound email campaign.
  • Use scraped lists to get phone numbers to cold-call B2B companies to gauge their interest in using a Google Ads agency. 

To wrap things up, B2B clients are a good target market to go after because they have bigger budgets and you will have less churn than with B2C clients. Remember, businesses need marketing service all year long regardless of how successful they are. Therefore, Google ads agencies  that embrace a business-to-business, or B2B, projects, stand to capture significant profit through the sales of high-ticket marketing services. In addition, there are more advantages than disadvantages of being in B2B marketing.

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