Cryptocurrency has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. While generally, the world population seems skeptical about the adoption of crypto, the more tech-savvy of us, the “early adopters” have already embraced the idea of a crypto-driven economy — and some even argue that crypto could help them retain and attract talent in a PPC agency.

With some brands such as Tesla, Microsoft, and even Etsy introducing crypto payments, who will be next? 

Could this choice contribute to how you attract and retain talent in your PPC agency? We also find the crypto world interesting – and that is why we have decided to have a look at how it can impact the lives and hirings of PPC agencies. 

Crypto: What’s All The Hype About?

Unlike fiat currency (that is, “traditional”, government-regulated currency), crypto is an entirely digital form of currency. It is created and regulated solely by encryption technologies. Cryptocurrency uses “decentralized control”, which means that they aren’t controlled by just one person or government.

In a world of digital transformation, with “smart” everything, cryptocurrency now seems like an obvious development. Since so much of our lives are becoming digital, why not our money too?! Though still not strictly regulated, cryptocurrency does have its adaptors. And since big companies like Tesla have announced to be accepting crypto as a payment, it does seem that crypto is here to stay. 

Why It’s Important to Attract and Retain Talent in a PPC Agency

If you are working in a PPC agency, you are probably pretty tech-savvy. So you must be wondering if your agency could somehow leverage the trend of crypto. How can you do that? Well, let’s have a look at what that can mean for attracting and retaining talent in your PPC agency. 

why attract and retain talent in a PPC agency

In any kind of business, it is important to attract and retain talent. Let’s face it, human resources are the most important kind of resource. That also goes for your digital marketing or PPC agency. But the challenges that your kind of business is facing are also difficult to overcome:

  • It’s a competitive market: Your PPC agency isn’t not just competing with similar agencies, but also with “tech” giants, who need skillful tech-savvy employees. 
  • It’s hard to find new talent: Again, the competition is high and your competitors are out there attracting talent too; most likely, knowledgeable and skillful marketers are already employed. This means that you have a short timespan to recruit them or “steal” them from your competitors.  
  • It’s difficult to retain talent: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average tenure for the 25 to 34 age gap is around 2.8 years. This means you will have to step up your employer branding game to retain your top employees. 

OK, so you do have a problem with attracting and retaining talent for your PPC agency. But it’s not just you, it’s a general problem. So what can you do about it? Well, let’s have a look at how you can “market” yourself as an employer so that you really offer a great work environment for your hires.

How To Attract And Retain Talent in a PPC Agency

This is the part where we would have loved to make a list of steps to follow in order to attract and retain talent for your PPC agency. But things are a bit more complicated than that. Employer Branding is an entire side of marketing that dwells into the secrets behind making your company appealing to employees old and new. But we are still trying to be helpful here, so let’s try to keep things simple. 

What is the one thing that can set you apart from other employers? Your company culture. This is what defines your PPC agency as an employer. You can’t fake a company culture, you’ll have to build and nourish a healthy company culture. Only if your employees are truly happy will you be “branded” as an awesome employer. 

how to attract and retain talent in a PPC agency

And what makes a good company culture? While each company is different, there are a few employee needs that are more or less universal. If you are trying to attract and retain talent in your PPC agency you should keep the following aspects in mind: 

  1. Transparency: Nobody likes secrecy and everybody likes to feel involved. Unless your employees feel this way, they won’t be very happy. 
  2. Training and growing opportunities: Nobody (and especially an ambitious and skilled employee) wants to get stuck doing the same mundane tasks daily over several years. Make sure your talent has opportunities to grow and learn new skills within the company; if you achieve this, they will have fewer reasons to go searching for work from your competition. 
  3. Appreciation for seniors: This is very important if you are trying to retain talent. Most seniors leave a workplace because they are stuck either professionally or financially. Make sure you make your top talent feel involved in project decisions; if they feel like they are making a difference, their happiness levels will increase too. 

If you have these things covered and you are sure that your PPC agency offers the right benefits in terms of salary, growing opportunities, and work-life balance, you can also consider marketing your agency accordingly. 

Employer Branding: Where Does Crypto Fit In? 

Are you trying to attract young, hip, tech-savvy employees? If you aim to attract tech-savvy early adopters, your PPC agency should be an early adopter too. It all comes down to the values and beliefs your agency holds. Generally, people will want to associate themselves with businesses that share their beliefs. This is especially relevant when choosing an employer. 

So where does crypto come in? This is a top trend nowadays and the adoption of crypto has been making headlines. Is this something your audience or your potential talent pool is interested in? Then maybe you should be interested too. 

After all, as ClickGUARD CEO Ralph Perrier put it during one of our webinars, crypto adoption is a matter “of faith”. You should adopt it if you really believe in it. If you don’t believe in it and you don’t understand it, it’s probably not something you will be comfortable managing in the future.

If however, you want to define your agency as modern, innovative, and involved in all things trending in the digital space, you might want to consider crypto adoption too. As this is undeniably a “hot” trend, it could potentially help you position your business as trendy and digitally skilled. This in turn may help you attract and retain talent in your PPC agency. 

So, could crypto help attract and retain talent in a PPC agency? Both the ad tech world and cryptocurrency are here to stay. At the moment, they don’t overlap too much, but things are evolving at a fast pace and we can’t tell what our digital future will look like. 

Crypto isn’t for everybody – at least, not at the moment. There is still a lot of skepticism and uncertainty regarding it. But if you feel that adopting crypto is something you are comfortable with, then you should go ahead. And if you do, don’t be afraid to take it one step further and also adopt this as part of your branding.