Octavia DrexlerFebruary 23, 2021

With all the digital marketing options out there, from social media campaigns to SEO to email marketing, it can be overwhelming to discern the best way to boost your business. You might be wondering if you can even make money with pay per click websites.

PPC advertising is a profitable option if you’re an advertiser looking to make money publishing ads or if you’re an entrepreneur seeking to promote your brand, product, or service.

So, what exactly is a PPC website, and how do you actually make money with pay per click websites?

What is a PPC Website? 

PPC ads are clickable advertisements in which an advertiser pays each time someone clicks on them. They are a great way to gain visibility for your business, boost traffic to your website, and offer an excellent return on investment (ROI) when they are done right.  

By using Google Ads, you can run a PPC campaign that displays your ads to users across the web or in Search Engine Results Pages (according to the keyword your ads are targeting) You pay when they click your ad to visit your site. You can also make money publishing ads on your website using Google AdSense and Google will pay you per click for driving traffic to the displayed ads (more on that later).

But first, you’ll need to keep a few key concepts in mind if you want to make money with a PPC website. 


If you plan on using Google AdWords to display your own adverts and make money with your PPC website, ensure you have a good metric for measuring your marketing channel’s performance. An easy revenue-based metric that gives you crucial insight is your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). To measure this, simply divide the total generated revenue from your PPC campaign by the total spend for that campaign.

For example, if I spent $5,000 on PPC ads this month and my campaign resulted in $20,000 in revenue, my ROAS is 4:1 (or $4). 

What constitutes a good ROAS depends on different factors, but most companies aim for a 4:1 ratio.

Keyword Research and CPC

The second critical thing to remember is that targeted keywords are at the heart of an effective PPC campaign (and thus, at the heart of making money with a pay per click website).

The cost-per-click (CPC) on specific keywords varies depending on factors like the industry, competition, and even seasonality. Ideally, you’ll want your keywords to be targeted to your audience but have a relatively low cost-per-click.

Conducting solid keyword research lays the groundwork for your entire PPC campaign and is one of the deciding factors in whether you’ll make money with your pay per click website. Rather than one keyword, build an exhaustive list of relevant keywords that will boost your traffic and visibility. 

Enticing Landing Page and/or Website

And finally, whether you’re an advertiser (using Google AdWords to display your ads) or publisher (using Google AdSense to accept ads on your website in exchange for money), your landing page and/or site should be looking top-notch!

Driving traffic to your site via ads can certainly be profitable if your website tells your customers how awesome your product and offer are. And if you’re publishing ads to earn revenue, your site will have to be up to date, professional, and accessible to ensure Google accepts your website to be an AdSense publisher. 

Regardless of your advertising choices, a quality website that users want to view or read is the key to making money with a PPC website.

How to Make Money with Pay per Click Websites 

With the foundational material out of the way, we’ll now talk about how you can actually make money with pay per click websites by displaying ads on their pages. 

Google AdSense

Becoming an affiliate marketer can be extremely profitable. Google AdSense lets you show PPC adverts on your website and earn revenue from clicks. 

To display ads and earn money, you must first apply and be accepted for an AdSense account through Google. While the ads themselves come from advertisers and you have no control over their design or concept, you can choose whether you want to display text ads, display ads, or media ads.

Once you’ve been approved by Google and placed your ads, your goal is to generate as many clicks as possible, since this is how you get paid (per click)!

To succeed as a publisher using Google AdSense, make sure you follow Google’s guidelines:

1)    Don’t click on your own ads

2)    Don’t ask anyone to click on your Google ads

3)    Choose the location for your ads carefully (make sure ads are well-placed on your site)

4)    Be aware of how your site is promoted

5)    Use Google Analytics to optimize your site traffic

It’s important to note that AdSense is not the right method for someone selling their own product via their website, as displaying other adverts would take potential customers away from your business if they click away. 

If you are trying to promote your own products or services using a PPC campaign, continue reading to learn more about the process and how you can make money. 

Promoting Your Own Products or Services Using PPC

tips to make money with pay per click websites

You can use AdWords to run a PPC campaign with the goal of driving traffic to your own website and increasing customer purchases of your product or service. In this scenario, you are the advertiser paying each time someone clicks an ad. AdWords is a great method to make money with a PPC website.

To ensure maximum return on investment (ROI), make sure you take a few key steps. 

Know Your Goals

Knowing your goals is the first fundamental step in achieving a successful PPC campaign and making money with a pay-per-click website. 

Who are you targeting? What would make your ideal customer click the ad? Are you using ads to boost visibility, build your brand, or drive customers to purchase something? What are your measurements for success? 

Ask yourself these questions before you take action on your PPC campaign to get a clear vision of what you want to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it. 

Target Keywords

Let’s go back to the keyword research we spoke about previously – this is where it’s really important to have a list of relevant keywords (ideally with a low cost-per-click) that will drive people to click your ad and visit your site. 

Targeted keywords will ensure that your business shows up in results when people are actively looking and is an essential part of a successful campaign that results in you earning money via your PPC website.

Use a Catchy, Keyword-Infused Headline

If you use Google’s search ads, you’ll want to create an eye-grabbing headline complete with those relevant keywords. Include keywords in the description below the headline as well, incorporate a compelling call to action, and you’ve got yourself an ad with the power to communicate why customers should head to your website and check out your product or service.

After laying the groundwork, you’re ready to make money with your pay per click website! Once your PPC ads start doing their job by sending customers to your landing page, you can measure your ROAS using the formula we laid out above (total generated revenue divided by total spend on the campaign). You can also track results using Google Ads or Google Analytics. 

Promoting Your Products on Amazon Using PPC

What if you don’t have your own website? Is it possible to promote your products on another platform like Amazon, and still make money with a PPC campaign?

Yes, of course! You can use PPC ads to promote your products, reach shoppers, and increase your sales easily. Knowing your goals, targeting keywords, setting up catchy, relevant ads, and measuring your outcomes are all essential in any PPC campaign, no matter the platform. 

So, Can You REALLY Make Money with Pay per Click Websites?

Now you’re equipped to start a PPC campaign, publish ads on your site, or use ads to promote your products on another platform, but the question remains: can you really make money with PPC websites? 

Laying a strong foundation is key if you want to make money with pay per click websites. As we noted above, it’s crucial to know your goals and choose the right PPC method to achieve success. Whether you are promoting your own business or using ads to drive traffic to your site, you can definitely make money in the digital space through a pay per click website.

On another note, PPC fraud (all the shady practices used to defraud you and your PPC advertising budget) is rampant, so you might want to consider protecting your business using an anti-click fraud protection program to monitor and block click fraud threats. Check out ClickGUARD, for example. We developed an industry-leading click fraud protection software application to make sure your ad data stays clean and your ROAS high.

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