PPC Campaign Click Fraud: The Warning Signs

Click fraud is a huge problem facing PPC advertisers online. Put simply, click fraud is any unwanted click on an advertisement on the internet. The problem is that you’re buying space from publishers on a pay-per-click basis. It can be very difficult indeed to gauge which sites provide good traffic and which only provide hoax

Consistent Traffic, Yet No Sales

Digital advertising is one of the most common ways of driving traffic to your websites. PPC ads grab attention and make people aware of your product or service. The statistics show that 27% of the targeted audience searches the brand on the ad, while 31% actually clicks on it. The latter is a relatively small

Website Traffic

PPC Advertising Traffic: Fake Or Real?

Pay-per-click ads invaded all online platforms that are out there. For a long time, digital advertisers believed that PPC advertising can work miracles. Online advertising is one of those rare strategies that is both targeted and flexible. On top of that, in the long run, it’s not as expensive as TV, for instance. According to

Methbots: the Story Behind

Currently, every advertiser knows the number one risk of online ads. Digital advertisers consider the possibility of facing click frauds and cyber security specialists seek to find solutions. In some cases, PPC click frauds go unnoticed because they are minor and do not affect the advertising budget. On contrary, the web has experienced some major


Losing Millions To Click Frauds Daily

Advertisers allocate approximately 35% of their marketing budget on online ad campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites owe their skyrocketing revenues to ads. Digital advertising offers everything that marketers ever wish for- diversity, targeted audience, flexibility, and a lot more. Just when you think you found the perfect tool to promote your product, an

Losing money on click frauds

How Is Chrome Extension Linked to Click Frauds?

The best search engine in the world has come up with a lot of useful tools like Google Docs, Google AdWords, Google Chrome and so on. To be fair, Google Chrome is definitely on the top of best browsers among users. It’s fast, user-friendly and has some handy extensions. Nonetheless, malicious criminals always find bad

Chrome Extension Linked Click Frauds

Are your AdWords Conversions Skewed by Click Fraud?

Successful pay-per-click ad campaigns share something in common – AdWords. Unfortunately, you need to pay for that. In marketing, AdWords is an investment and just like any other investment, you expect returns from it. Otherwise, why would you spend your budget on it? You wait impatiently to check out the conversion rates and enjoy the

Google AdWords Click Fraud

Is Fighting Mobile Click Fraud A Waste Of Time?

We all know that click fraud is a massive problem for the advertising industry. Every year it costs literally billions of dollars to savvy, sophisticated cyber criminals who have a seemingly endless supply of tricks up their sleeves to appropriate funds. The mobile phone advertising industry is no exception to the onslaught of fraudulent clicking.

Click Fraud In Your Christmas Stockings

Christmas time is the most beautiful time of the year with the season of spreading kindness and love. It’s the season of giving back and receiving… And depending on the person, what is being given and received can vary tremendously. For example, you can get a click fraud as Christmas present. Or you can give

The Brief Guide to Click Fraud

Click fraud affects most online advertisers at some point. Even with the most thought-out advertising campaigns, the threat of unwanted clicks to a company’s ROI is a very real one. Surveys estimate that upwards of 40% of the clicks on advertiser’s links can be attributed to the malicious practice. With the combined annual bill costing