Most Expensive Keywords on Adwords and Bing

There’s a whole lot of diversity on online marketing platforms, such as Adwords, and Bing. In fact, just about every conceivable (and legal) industry, product, or service is advertised on there. It’s also no secret that there is a lot of competition on the platform.   Obviously, some professions enjoy an existence that is relatively

The True Cost Of Click Fraud: Millions Are Being Wasted On Campaign Spam

It’s no secret among online marketers that click fraud is an expensive problem. It’s estimated that the practice costs the UK online advertising industry almost £300 million every year, and the US over $8 billion.   The problems advertisers face are growing in proportion to the expansion of internet marketing. As the potential rewards grow,

Click Fraud 101: Know Your Lingo

It’s a problem that affects just about every industry. You’re having a conversation with a customer and you can see it in their eyes, you lost them. You’ve completely confused them. Was it something you said? Almost certainly yes. It can be really easy to forget that not everyone speaks the language specific to you

The Cost Of Google AdWords

We hear the question “how much does it cost to advertise on Adwords?” all the time from our clients here at ClickGuard. The question is understandable too. If you’re new to the world of online advertising, it might all seem a bit daunting. You’re probably wondering if it’s even worth the risk of a failed

Strong Keyword Matching

No one ever said that managing an AdWords campaign was going to be easy. Even for those highly experienced on the platform, it is not an exact science. There is considerable trial and error that goes into creating that perfect recipe for success. Crucial to a triumphant campaign is to understand and use Keyword Match

How Florida Based Scammers Hit Ad Giants

Back in 2014, a Florida company were outed for using a series of fraudulent websites to dupe some of the world’s largest brands out of mega bucks. The click fraud scammers targeted Orea, GlaxoSmithKline, Burger King, and Sprint, among others before simply disappearing.   While many online scammers favor highly sophisticated tactics, the Florida hacker

Being More Successful With Adwords Conversions

What self respecting advertiser wouldn’t want to improve their Adword conversions rate? It’s no secret that a better conversion rating will improve a businesses ROI, and it is therefore natural to do whatever it takes to get one.   If your campaign isn’t performing quite as you’d like it to then read on. We’ve prepared