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Protection rules

ClickGUARD protection rules settings define what kind of PPC ad traffic is allowed or blocked from your campaigns. We'll give recommendations to help you implement some best practices for blocking configurations.

Ralph PerrierNovember 4, 2020
This post highlights some of ClickGUARD’s automated rules that can help you set up defenses against bots, competitors, and crawlers.
Ralph PerrierMay 9, 2019
Automatically blocking clicks from unknown sources is not an easy task to tackle. Thanks to the Block IP rule that ClickGUARD provides, you…
Ralph PerrierMay 3, 2019
Rule of the week #5 will guide you to exclude low-quality placements that bring low-quality visits from display advertising. Why is it so…
Ralph PerrierApril 25, 2019
Why is it effective: It automatically blocks all IPs or devices that are specifically targeting various keywords you are bidding on. This often…
Ralph PerrierApril 18, 2019
When you need to exclude mobile devices on your google ads, you need a uber-specific rule that will eliminate repeated clicks from mobile…
Ralph PerrierApril 10, 2019
We all know how frustrating it is when your google shopping ads not converting as well as you need them to. You want…
Ralph PerrierApril 1, 2019
Want to know why Google ads location targeting is so important? Understanding your target location and developing the right rules to protect it…

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