Wall Street is taking a hit from Click Fraud

Digital advertising is on the verge of the uncertainty. With its importance and use increasing on a daily basis, it still carries a battle with the ugliest circumstances that deliberately sabotage their effectiveness. Those circumstances are known as click frauds – the act of fake ad clicks that end up zeroing ad budgets and generating

Crisis of Online Ads by Wall Street

The Actual Cost of Clicks

Each product promotion campaign definitely includes digital advertising. As the world progresses, more and more people spend most of their time on their phones and computers. Why spend millions on radios and TV ads if Facebook has 1.94 billion monthly active users and Instagram proudly maintains 700 million monthly active users? Running targeted ads on

The Cost of Clicks

Meet the New Malware Click Fraud: Redirector.Paco

Around 10 years ago the only way to perform click fraud was by manually clicking on the ads. If you think about it, click frauds used to take a lot of time and effort. For one thing, finding those ads could have been a lot of trouble. But not now. The evil, yet genius minds

Malware Click Fraud: Redirector.Paco

Fake Internet Bot Traffic

Marketers work day and night toward one goal – drive traffic to the website of their clients, raise the conversion rates to eventually increase the sales. All of the work they do follows this goal and there are a lot of tools and methods that help them reach the desired result. Pay-per-click ads are such

Fake Internet Bot

Click Frauds: Botnet Edition

Are you another victim of click frauds? Or you just want to be prepared in case a click fraud strikes you? Either way, you need to be well aware of the sources of click frauds. The times when people manually clicked on your ads are gone. In today’s world, it seems like there is nothing

Botnet Click Fraud

Another Click Fraud Malware: Kovter

We all use different software products on a daily basis and, let’s admit it, they help us out a lot. Advertisers, media agencies, and marketers also use their fair share of software. In addition to legal software, which have positive implementations that do not have harmful consequences, they also use malware without even realizing it.

Fraud Malware: Kovter

Ad Fraud Industry Worth of 7 Billion

The advertising industry is definitely an evergreen in terms of demand and profit. All businesses, regardless of their format and specialization, need promotion and advertising provide that promotion. Over the course of several years, advertising changed its forms. Currently, the most widely known and utilized type of advertising is the digital advertising. The Internet opened

Ad Fraud

The Real Face Of Click Fraud

Over its time in existence, internet marketing has been victim to many scams. A common one that costs the industry literally billions of dollars a year is known as click fraud. This refers to the practice of falsifying interactions with advertisements online. It can take different forms. One approach is to harness the malicious power of

Most Expensive Keywords on Adwords and Bing

There’s a whole lot of diversity on online marketing platforms, such as Adwords, and Bing. In fact, just about every conceivable (and legal) industry, product, or service is advertised on there. It’s also no secret that there is a lot of competition on the platform.   Obviously, some professions enjoy an existence that is relatively

High Profile Click Fraud Scams

If you’re reading this then you’re probably already at least a little familiar with the concept of click fraud, if you’re not, we’ve compiled plenty of blog material detailing the basics on our pages here at ClickGuard. This article seeks to highlight the potential damage these attacks cause, by showing some of the largest examples