Ralph PerrierDecember 24, 2016

Christmas time is the most beautiful time of the year with the season of spreading kindness and love. It’s the season of giving back and receiving… And depending on the person, what is being given and received can vary tremendously.

For example, you can get a click fraud as Christmas present. Or you can give one. Depends on your preference. If you’re a competitor wishing to take your opponent out of the competing market, you’ll start ruining their PPC ad campaigns through click frauds. Or, let's say, you’re a business owner who impatiently awaits the moment his/her customers will buy off everything with Christmas being around the corner. In this case, you might be sadly disappointed by scammers.

See, scenarios vary. But one thing is true, Christmas time is probably the most convenient time for hackers to do their black magic.

Online shoppers are the target of cyber criminals

Targeting and scamming online shoppers seems like taking a candy from a kid’s hand. A great example of that is how hackers sent out emails on behalf of Amazon trying to get sensitive bank information from the shoppers early in December.

It obviously makes sense that people would fall into the trap way easier in the light of the holidays. Everyone is looking for sales and will do anything to get the best deals on presents. So, fraudsters just sit there and enjoy the scene while millions of consumers get deceived and plenty of retailers lose money on click frauds.

Merry Christmas to you too.

What do you do to be safe from frauds this Christmas?

It’s pretty self-explanatory. You do everything you can in order to eliminate the possibility of fraudulent actions happening to you. This includes:

  1. Deleting emails from unfamiliar senders right away as they can be infected,
  2. Double checking the website you’re trying to purchase from, making sure it’s the official retailer and checking out their warranty, privacy policy, etc.,
  3. Make sure you have an anti-virus system protecting your device.

How do I save my PPC campaigns from click frauds?

Christmas time is the best time for e-commerce businesses and others to gain a lot of quality traffic to their websites. They set up ads and put a lot of budget in them. And then, fraudsters find their way to your online ads, making your money go to waste with no conversions.

But before you start to dwell on a sad possibility that could or already has struck you, there is one trustworthy click fraud prevention method you can always refer to. Due to using reliable third-party click fraud protection software you can detect malicious acts and prevent your budget, nerves and Christmas spirit from going down.

Click fraud detection and monitoring software like ClickGuard will save you time and unnecessary frustration. Due to sophisticated and advanced algorithms, the system monitors the ads, detects malicious actions and responds to click frauds by blocking them.

With a reliable click fraud protection system like ClickGuard, you will have access to real-time monitoring 24/7 with the support of experts.

Merry Christmas and Fraudless Holidays.

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