You spoke and we listened. The ClickGUARD team has been working round-the-clock developing a product that you, the customer, asked for = ClickGUARD 2.0.

This is not a spit-and-polish revamp – it’s an entirely new product.

We’ve taken the power and control of ClickGUARD, and created a tool so elegant and user-friendly, you will be blocking click fraud without giving it a second thought. You can improve the quality of traffic to your site, protect your budget from nefarious actors, and optimize your ROAS (Return-on-Advertising-Spend) – in minutes!

The industry standard and PPC (Pay-per-Click) specialist’s tool of choice, is now automated and accessible to everyone. Whether you’re a PPC agency, an in-house team, or a small business owner running your first campaign, we are here to help and protect you.

We’re sure that our loyal fanbase will love ClickGUARD 2.0 just as much as we do. ClickGUARD 2.0 maintains its powerful protection features, what has changed is that it is stronger, more intuitive, and easier to use.    

Advanced Threat Analytics and Click Fraud Protection. Automated.

You don’t build an industry standard tool without listening to your customers. Our intensive customer research and product trials showed us that, while ClickGUARD was the only PPC protection tool that offered truly granular control and forensic insight, it was also considered to take time and specialized knowledge to set up.

The challenge we faced was to make the most user-friendly, automated, best-version-of-ourselves we could – without losing the power and control that won over so many dedicated PPC expert users in the first place.

We focused on the results we wanted our customers to achieve – and developed ClickGUARD 2.0 to provide maximum satisfaction in four main areas.


·   Click fraud protection  – Advanced threat analytics that analyze, identify, and take automatic action against all sources of click fraud

·   Invalid traffic prevention  – Manage poor-quality traffic, to instantly see and optimize your most profitable traffic sources

·   Bot mitigation  – Our new Bot Probability Assessments separates human from machine, with at-a-glance insights and behavioral analysis on every click

·   Reporting  – Instantly download or schedule regular updates, with custom reporting for you and your team

Elegant. Simple. Automatic.

The new user interface provides full-power PPC protection wrapped in an easy-to-use set of controls. Our new Protection Levels allow you to scale the aggressiveness of your protection requirements. This enables you to avoid false positives and you’ll have shaped your click fraud mitigation measures to match your campaign in a matter of applying toggle-on/off parameters to instantly exclude problematic sources. Simple and effective. 

Make your Advertising Budget Work for You with our New Pricing Model 

We want to protect your PPC budget and help you get better traffic (it’s just what we do 💃). So, we’ve built our new pricing tiers to align with your budget, bringing our income model in line with yours – and optimizing your ad spend to get the best return for you.

Plus, our new auto-upgrade feature means your pricing tier will automatically adjust to your Google Ads spend, making sure you stay protected even if you need to escalate your ads in a hurry.

Are you ready to take your PPC protection to the next level? ClickGUARD 2.0 provides automatic click fraud prevention, instant bot mitigation, and pain-free reporting. Start your 7-day free trial today. We’re confident that once you see the ROI (Return on Investment), you won’t want to be without it.