Microsoft Bing is stepping its game up. While Google Ads comes up with a new update every other day, Bing has been mostly silent in the ad game. Now, however, it seems that colorized ad backgrounds are coming as an update on Bing. 

As of right now, however, nothing has been confirmed, but the realm of possibilities are endless with new colorized advertisements. 

Colorized Ad Backgrounds on Bing: Is It A Rumor? 

Well, we don’t know. Some screenshots and gifs have been leaked, showing ads with different colored backgrounds, like green, blue, and yellow. Of course, screenshots can be doctored, but the screenshots look pretty legit. Still, Bing hasn’t confirmed anything, so you can be the judge of the validity of the screenshots. 

Would This Help Marketers? 

You’re probably thinking, so what? Bing is adding a bit of color to their ads, that doesn’t seem like a big deal. Well, there’s more to it than just that. Color theory actually enhances the possibility of an ad getting clicked on, as color draws the eye and the attention. Just as words and images help catch an eye, color tells customers what to focus on and where to look. Marketers can therefore draw the eye to the call to action or the pitch, which is most likely to lead to a conversion. 

Interestingly, colors are also associated with feelings. Cool colors, like blue, give customers a calm feeling, which is great if they’re searching up sleep aids, for instance. Therefore, the mood of an ad becomes important, and so does the color. 

Customers also associate brands with color. For example, the Supreme brand is easily recognizable by its white on red logo, and McDonald’s isn’t called the golden arches for nothing. Therefore, adding color to ads can make them more memorable, leading to not just conversions, but brand recognition as well. 

According to some, Bing is coming out with colorized ad backgrounds. While nothing has been officially confirmed by Microsoft, the possibilities of having colorized ad backgrounds are certainly interesting. In a world of color, something as small as a colorized ad background could help marketers stand out from the crowd and align their ads with the brands they represent. It sure sounds like exciting news, doesn’t it?