Click Fraud will frustrate your efforts to grow and scale your business. Period.

Click Fraud and Traffic

Digital advertising is one of the most common ways of driving traffic to your websites. PPC ads grab attention and make people aware of your product or service. The statistics show that 27% of the targeted audience searches the brand on the ad, while 31% actually clicks on it. The latter is a relatively small number. But wait, even so, you do have traffic.

Man with glasses on a PC comitting click fraud
I have got the answer…

How is that possible? You may be right, you do get consistent traffic. The real question is whether or not your sale increases. The traffic is not the correct metrics to evaluate the performance of an ad. If you are experiencing a similar situation and keep asking yourself “why on Earth is it happening?”, wonder no more, I have got the answer. Click Fraud.

Click Fraud Will Replace Quality Clicks With Unwanted Ones

Let’s have a little Click Fraud 101, shall we? Humans or bots, set up by humans, click on your ads to either consume your budget so that you take your ad down, or your publisher just wants to get money per clicks. Ad frauds occur on every level, both large scale and small. In spite of their magnitude, they are a serious threat to cybersecurity and web reliability.

From time to time, hackers perform PPC frauds the old-fashion way: physically clicking on the ads. More often, they utilize bots (short for robots) that do the clicking automatically. The word bot might create some kind of confusion since there are good and legal implementations of bots. For the sake of clarification, there are good bots related to SEO and indexing the website.

Bot farms + click fraud = drain your resources…

Back to the bad ones. How these bots make their way to your network or device is whole another topic. The outcome is negative for you, to say the least. The number of clicks easily misleads you. So, here is a very useful tip: do NOT look at the quantity of the clicks, but the quality.

The damage caused by click frauds reaches billions of dollars every year. Businesses keep allocating money on online advertising and try different targets without realizing the actual reason for low sales rates.

Avoid PPC Click Fraud

Digital advertising is a great tool that allows marketers and advertisers to reach new prospective customers. Just when you think you got the hang of successfully setting up ads, click frauds interfere. Click fraud detection and prevention software like ClickGuard can help you with this struggle.

Via exclusive algorithms, ClickGUARD monitors every single click that you get, thus having the capacity to identify the offenders. To spare you the trouble, the software automatically blocks the IP address of the fraudster. You can also get a fully detailed report on the performance of your ad, for your future consideration.

At this very moment that you are reading this article, click fraud is occurring. We have to face that completely avoiding ad frauds is impossible. However, there are rather an effective click fraud detection mechanisms that minimize the loss.