When we released news regarding Google Bowling, we were extremely happy that something existed to help users to stay within the bounds of Google’s extensive ad policy. We don’t want Google Ads accounts getting banned for policy violations, after all. Now, there’s even more of a reason to celebrate, because Google released a Disapproved Ads Auditor tool, which is also another way for users to keep their accounts from violating Google Ads policy. 

What is the Disapproved Ads Auditor Tool? 

The Disapproved Ads Auditor Tool allows advertisers to “review at a scale all disapproved ads across their Google Ads accounts.” This function allows users to self-audit their accounts so as to not violate Google Ads policy, analyze ad disapproval holistically, as well as help users identify and minimize submission of Ads that violate ads policy. 

This is a great way to make sure your Google Ads account stays compliant. With the implementation of a strike system, the Disapproved Ads Auditor Tool can help users before they even get their first strikes. It’s as much of a preventative measure as it is a way to keep users accountable for their ad content. 

In order to integrate this function within your Google Ads, you must download a Python script or use BigQuery. It will take around two hours to fully integrate, but that time is worth it if you want to keep your account and your ads compliant. Anything you can do to avoid a strike is an advantage! 

Why is the Disapproved Ads Auditor Tool helpful?

Disapproved Ads Auditor Tool has two modes that help users comply with the ads policy. The first mode is the “Audit Only” mode, which allows users to export policy violating ads without deleting them. This is good for those who might want to take a look at previous ads that may have unknowingly violated ad policy – by understanding where users went wrong, ads are more likely to stay compliant. 

The other mode is “Audit + Remove Mode,” which is pretty self-explanatory. It exports and then deletes relevant ads that violate the Google Ads policy. 

The Disapproved Ads Auditor Tool is helpful to those who manage multiple accounts or who manage a lot of ads. With this new tool, it becomes easy for users to stay on top of their ad compliance and scale the management of disapproved ads at the same time. 

With Google’s strict ads policy, users from all over the internet are creating scripts to help keep Google Ads users safe from Google’s three strikes rule. Between the Disapproved Ads Auditor Tool and the Google Bowling python script, there is really no reason for ad accounts to get banned for policy infractions. Protect your account and ensure compliance so as to continue running your ad campaigns in an efficient and rule-following way!