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The job of a traffic bot is to frustrate results of a true data-driven marketer. Simple as it sounds the 9 to 5 of a traffic bot is to provide fake metrics and hinder results.

Marketers work day and night toward one goal - drive traffic to the website of their clients, raise the conversion rates to eventually increase the sales. All of the work they do follows this goal and there are a lot of tools and methods that help them reach the desired result. Pay-per-click ads are such tools. They are very flexible and, what is more important, they can reach a variety of people and meanwhile be targeted. Online PPC ads offer the full package for not so high prices given the fact that it works immediately. But let’s be realistic, 9 out of 10 times, ads won’t boost the sales right away.

The traffic bot and click fraud

Traffic bot: As the name suggests, publishers charge for pay-per-click ads based on the clicks that the ad gets. The quantity doesn’t matter to the advertiser, well, it is directly connected to the price they are going to pay but in terms of traffic and conversion rates, the amount doesn’t matter a lot.

But for the same reason, it matters to the publisher, so they have a huge incentive, in the form of money, to generate as many clicks as possible. A classic conflict of interests, which is usually solved in favour of publishers. This is where the traffic bot of sorts has a lot of leverage.

Traffic bot never trust it
What you can't measure you can't manage - avoid the traffic bot !

The Bad Bots Generate Clicks

Why am I emphasizing bad? There are good bots too that are utilized for good purposes. For instance, you can use bots to gather information. But click fraud prevention mechanisms deal with the bad ones. The most common traffic bot can infect the device of users and click on the ads on their behalf. According to a study by Incapsula, in 2015 the traffic driven by humans was 51% of the total and 29% by bad bots. Even though it is less than wanted clicks, bots still interfere and mess up the big picture and analysis of the ads.

Click fraud detection mechanism work quite well now. However, the cyber criminals who use the bots to drive fraud traffic try to keep up with these mechanisms. They use more elaborate codes and scripts. This, of course, is a cyber security issue and has the attention of specialists.

49% of All Internet Traffic Is a Traffic Bot

Are you aware of the "Traffic bot"? This is a call-to-action for all the advertisers and businesses out there that use PPC ads to run digital advertising campaigns. Keep in mind that your ad won’t serve its purpose unless you start using click fraud detection and prevention methods.

Blocking your competitors or publishing exclusively only on reliable sites is not enough. You need to constantly keep an eye on the clicks and their locations. Only that way you can detect fraudsters and get rid of them.

Doing the auditing on your own can be a lot of trouble and you can easily miss a detail that will cost you your traffic. Save your time and make good use of click fraud detection software like ClickGUARD. The specialists at ClickGUARD worked hard to come up with algorithms that not only detect suspicious sources of clicks but also block them. As a result, the software saves you from further inconveniences.

Let your marketers and advertisers do the creative part of the work and trust the safety to specialized click fraud prevention software like ClickGUARD.

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