More than 2.75 million posts are published every single day on WordPress that only powers 35% of all the websites in the world. The actual number of blog posts could be way over 5 million. Pay Per Click (PPC) blogs are no different. The number of PPC blogs, posts and articles that are published are increasing at an alarming rate, and with no intention of slowing down!

If you are a PPC marketer or work with an advertising agency, you know the importance of PPC blogs. They provide you with information, updates, techniques, reviews, and a whole lot of interesting content that helps you improve PPC profitability and ROI.

It’s hard to deny the importance of a decent, high-quality PPC blog and the value it provides.

But not all Pay Per Click blogs are created equal. The content you’ll find with most of these PPC blogs is repetitive. There are only a few blogs that do original research, share the first-hand experience and publish content that’s worth reading and investing your precious time in.

The key is in not spending time, but in investing it


And once these top digital marketing blogs publish content, other PPC blogs scrape it and you find it all over the internet in no time. In order to get access to authentic and latest news and updates on PPC, you have to stick with the best PPC and digital marketing blogs.

What are the top PPC blogs that you should follow in 2020? Let’s find out.

But first…

Why Do PPC Blogs Matter Anyway?

Digital marketing and PPC, in particular, is an ever-evolving industry. Google makes several changes in its search algorithm that impact search PPC. Statistics show that Google makes up to 9 changes per day in its algorithm. Since it is the biggest PPC ad network with 73.1% market share, you have to stay updated to run campaigns successfully:

Galaxy of the different search engines their PPC ad network share

The worst part: Google rarely announces algorithmic and ad network related changes that it makes. For instance, if it decides to change the default ad setting, you won’t get any email from Google Ads. This is where PPC blogs ( the great ones) help you stay updated.

Of course, the same is the case with other PPC networks like Amazon, Microsoft, and Yelp. You can’t visit all the PPC networks daily to inspect updates and changes in their platform. This is what PPC blogs do for you.

Here are some other reasons why PPC and digital marketing blogs matter:

  • PPC techniques and best practices that suit your digital marketing strategy and journey.
  • Case studies with real-life experience not churned and digested content.
  • News, information, and research that you can learn and develop from.
Why choosing your PPC Blogs of choice matter

What’s Wrong with the Majority of the PPC Blogs?

Unfortunately, most of the digital marketing and pay per click blogs reword, rewrite, and publish a similar type of content. It is hard to find and read valuable content that’s truly unique.

If you have ever run any PPC ad campaign or if you know a little about PPC, you already know these so-called best practices, right? Negative keywords, content is the king, bid right …

The content, in this case, is least helpful.

These best practices don’t cover real and proven best practices like click fraud elimination techniques. If you ask me what’s the best PPC technique for driving results? I’ll talk about click fraud and data-driven insights.

Unfortunately, you’ll find similar generic best practices if you move to the other search results for the same search query.

The true value is missing, and that’s what makes so many PPC blogs potentially useless. And if you consume this type of mediocre content, you’ll end up doing the same thing that thousands of other so-called “PPC experts” do after reading these blogs.

To step up your game, you have to get to the root or better-called “source” of authentic trustworthy content …

Top 3 PPC Blogs to Follow in 2020

I have carefully handpicked the best 3 digital marketing and pay per click blogs that publish cutting-edge content that is sure to help you on your journey. If you follow these three blogs, you’ll get a much higher chance to read valuable and helpful content from the experts that are applying there content on a day to day basis.

1. NeilPatel Blog

A blog by Niel Patel

NeilPatel blog is one of the largest digital marketing blogs where Neil Patel publishes valuable, actionable, and long-form marketing content. You’ll get access to lots of in-depth and actionable PPC articles, videos, and podcasts on his blog. 

This is the blog that you can navigate and find authentic information and insights on PPC. The techniques that he shares are backed by data and cheatsheets so there isn’t any guesswork going on here.

What I particularly like about Niel’s blog, is that you can easily find video content online that backs up the majority of his key topics, critically giving you the place to engage and interact with the content and community.

2. ExcelinPPC

ExcellinPPC is a exciting blog with lots of authentic value add tips and techniques to challenge your PPC strategy

ExcelinPPC is another impressive PPC blog where you’ll find clusters of helpful articles on data and automation related to media buying. One of the best things about Excel in PPC is its Google ads scripts that you can use to control your campaigns. You can use these scripts to automate several functions in your Google ads account. I also love the post on “sneaky tricks” the straightforward essence of the content makes the post uber-easy to digest.

The blog posts are detailed yet actionable that are fully backed by data. Most of the posts are technical in nature applying functions that you can use for automation. These types of blog posts are rare that you’ll not find anywhere else.

3. SEMrush Blog

SEMRush is a good centre of resources for your PPC journey. A all around great PPC Blog to find quality resources and authentic value from multiple different writers.

SEMrush digital marketing blog is a leading resource for PPC experts and digital marketers. SEMrush has a community of expert writers who publish cutting-edge content on pay per click and digital marketing. 

The PPC blog covers a lot of other topics other than PPC, including SEO, e-commerce, social media, competitor research, events, and more. The articles are detailed, actionable, and well-researched. You won’t find any mediocre content on the SEMrush blog.

What particularly stands out on the SEMrush blog, is the possibility to engage within the community and follow specific threads of information that are of most interest to you, customizing your feed and content for learning.

Follow Only the Best PPC Blogs

Running and managing PPC campaigns is indeed challenging to say the least, with so many moving parts and changes, staying up to date is of unprecedented importance. The objective of this read was to provide you with some key pointers to choosing the right blogs for your source of information. To challenges ideas, create plans and gather inspiration.

3 Tips When Looking For The Right PPC Blog

  • Research the author, are they an authority in the field? (Use LinkedIn for example)
  • Fact check the content and cross-reference to verify its authenticity.
  • Does the content, challenge, enlighten and grip you?

It has never been more necessary to have authentic value both in your source of content and knowledge, as it is with your tools. ClickGUARD doesn’t just protect your campaigns from click fraud, but it offers you data-driven insights into every click.

Zero in on the best content and the best tools, to empower, enable and fuel your progress as you continue your PPC Journey.