Google Ads API is an integral part of any marketer’s journey, as it enables users to manage ad campaigns and keep track of ad accounts. Google released a new version of Google Ads API, Version 8.0, which has several new and exciting features that bring key highlights to improve your ad’s reach. 

Google Ads API is an interface that helps you manage your Google Ads accounts so that you can better report to your own stack, automate your ad creation, increase your bid strategy, and so much more. 

What’s Up With Google Ads API Version 8.0?

With Version 8 of Google Ads API, you have the power to customize your reports based on your business needs, your account is automatically managed, your ad management can be based on inventory, and you can even direct your own bidding strategies. Not only do users get more autonomy, but they get ease of access and streamlined ad management. 

When it comes to bidding strategies for your ad platform, Google now allows you to have cross-account bidding strategies, meaning that it becomes easy to dispatch manager-owned business strategies to their clients. 

This includes portfolio strategies, and a read-only view of all strategies that are shared from businesses to their clients. Not only does this save time, but now everyone who has access to the ad campaign is on the same page, making for a seamless transition between business owner and client all the way down to the consumers who are clicking on your ads. 

Google Ads API also added a nifty way to upload conversions plus additional information pertaining to the items sold. This is great for products that require a short descriptor. Also, Google Ads API has added a feature that allows users to customize links for their ads when they’re clicked on. 

Business owners and marketers can now append the text after URLs which is a great way to get our ad notices, especially when combined with SEO best practices. Google Ads API also has a great way to understand your customer base. 

For instance, Version 8 implements Attributes which allow you to associate information to a customer based on their purchase history. This allows for a more individualized method of marketing and therefore your customers will be more likely to click on the ads. 

Ad campaigns can be tricky to manage – there’s so much to think about, like your ad audience, if you’re going to get a good ROI (or ROAS) on everything, and even click fraud. Google Ads API makes managing ad campaigns a seamless process. 

You can create, monitor, and manage campaigns that are designed to maximize your profits. Smart campaigns are automated, which means you won’t have to lift a finger, and their efficiency is designed to minimize ongoing management, meaning you won’t have to worry about your ad campaign going wrong. 

You and your customers deserve a stress-free ad experience. Google Ads API Version 8 delivers just that – you can get more done in less time, meaning you have more time left over for all the other aspects of marketing. Whether you’re an ad agency or you work with a small team of people to make ad campaigns come to life, Google Ads API Version 8 is worth considering.