Looking at Google Ads examples from 2020 might just be what you need when you’re running out of ideas. It’s not that you should copy them, it’s just that sometimes, good Google ads give us all a reminder on what really matters when it comes to attracting attention (and viable clicks from people who are actually likely to buy from you). 

That being said, what are some of the most inspiring Google Ads examples from 2020, and how do they connect to the fundamental rules of creating good, catchy, click-enticing ads?  

Read on and find out more! 

Keep It Simple 

This is not 1921 and nobody has time to read ads that look like this: 

1920s ad example


Ain’t nobody got time for that!

When people go on the internet, they want quick information and/or entertainment, and they will do pretty much anything to avoid even looking at your ads. 

That means that keeping it simple is really important, just like Apple did it in the following ad (did we really expect anything less than gorgeous minimalism from Apple themselves?): 

Display ad example 2020

Complicated ads often fail to deliver the message as users’ attention span is so short that they focus on something not that relevant. So make sure to keep it simple and concise and your ads will have the impact you want them to have! 

Tap into the Fear of Missing Out 

There are a lot of reasons people buy things. 

One of them is related to the so-called “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO), and it is, in fact, one of the most commonly used and efficient methods to draw someone’s attention and make them buy your product. 

How to use it in your Google Ads? 

Well, this is one of the best Google Ads examples from 2020 in this direction. Notice how they subtly imply the offer will be over soon (so you, the potential customer, hurry up and grab it). 

FOMO in ads

Does it really work? 

Well, according to statistics, it appears that 60% of people buy out of FOMO (and they do it within 24 hours, which might be even more impressive).

Sometimes users are simply on the edge, not sure if your product is for them, and that time pressure you put on them can really do the trick. 

However, if you’re planning to use this, make sure to properly update your ads and landing pages, as you don’t want users to figure out that “every day” they have “only 24 hours” to get the product! 

It’s a Numbers’ Game 

You know what makes people tick and doesn’t necessarily focus on fear (and the fear of missing out, to be more specific)? 


Show numbers in your ads and you’ll get people’s attention, especially when they are looking for specific products online. 

Imagine this. If you were to search for a new disinfectant online, would you be more tempted to buy from the guys whose ad says “our disinfectant kills 99.99% of bacteria” or the one that says “we kill bacteria”? 

You’d probably choose the one in the first category. 

using numbers in ads

Numbers simply add to the trustworthiness of the ad. Statistics, how many people already got the product, facts presented in numbers – they all put a palpable, measurable unit to how that product helps them.

Let’s admit it — there’s a lot of… Well, not that great products that are advertised as amazing, and over the years, people learned not to trust everything they see as it’s advertised. To go even further, many of them will even try to find reviews of your product, due to lack of trust.

Make sure to include numbers in there and you will most certainly see an increase in conversions!

Show ‘Em the Goods 

You don’t have much space to explain why your product or service is good, and your potential customers don’t have the time to read long-winded, complex ads (see #1 on our list in this article). 

As such, you should get down to business as soon as possible and show your customers the benefits of buying from you. Like in this example: 

Guide Them with Sitelinks 

Want to make sure you not only draw people’s attention, but also their relevant clicks? Sitelinks can help them get right where they want to be on your site. 

Like in this example from ClickGUARD (wink-wink): 

sitelinks in ads

Clarity Is Key 

Your ads don’t have to be just short, simple, and straight to the point.

They also have to be really clear (remember: you have less than a second to get people’s attention before they scroll down on the page).

We’ll give you an example of what not to do here: 

bad google ad example


It’s OK, you can take a break to laugh now. But in all seriousness, don’t write ads just to toss some keywords in there. Even if your bid does win, you might wake up to an ad campaign with near to zero clicks on your ads (which basically means you’ll be pouring money into something that’s clearly not bringing in some sweet, sweet 💰 into your business). 

How about you? Do you have any Google Ads examples from 2020 you want to share (good or bad)? Let us know in the comments below!