What is the Google Ads Performance Planner? 

The Google Ads Performance Planner is a tool that helps marketers create advertising plans in order to assess how changes can affect metrics and overall performance. The Performance Planner is a great way to look ahead while creating ad campaigns, and it allows users to tweak plans accordingly. 

The Performance Planner allows users to access forecasts for a campaign, explore outcomes by adjusting campaign settings, understand opportunities in seasonal periods, and manage budgets across accounts and campaigns. 

The Google Ads Performance Planner Update: The Essentials You Should Know 

So what’s new? Well, there are four updates to the Google Ads Performance Planner that will help marketers with managing multiple campaigns, make informed changes, and other important features. 

More Campaigns 

Campaigns that were previously ineligible for Performance Planner can now be added using past performance. It is also possible to add manual forecasts across a user’s whole account. Examples of the campaigns that can now be added are campaigns that have been deleted, have been running for less than 10 days, or are still in the drafts. 


Google will now provide detailed recommendations in a new column called “suggested changes.” Whether or not a user wants to accept these changes are up to them, but it’s always good to maximize a campaign’s efficiency. 

Secondary Metrics 

Secondary Metrics go much deeper than ever before. Instead of a surface level analysis of key metrics, Secondary Metrics will allow users to have a more detailed understanding of their data. For instance, if a user creates a plan to maximize conversions, Google will take that a step further by creating a column that shows the changes to clicks. 

Time Range 

Users are now able to use a historical conversion rate for a specific time range in order to gain a more accurate estimate regarding the date range of the plan that they’re using. Not only does this help with organization and planning future campaigns, but looking ahead and understanding what time certain campaigns will do the best is an advantage as well. 

The Google Ads Performance Planner is a great tool to use to plan out ad campaigns. The platform is about to get better with four new updates that will help streamline the process and make it possible to maximize the efficiency of these campaigns. Furthermore, the added updates to Performance Planner allow marketers to make informed changes and manage multiple campaigns.