If your work involves growing your business through digital marketing and PPC, you surely love your campaigns. You want to watch them grow, reach their audience, and bring in that much-wanted ROI. Keeping an eye on everything (though not obsessively!) and making sure your ad friends are doing well must be something that is often on your mind. How do you monitor your marketing activities? Do you do it just during work hours? While sitting at your desk? 

For many of us, work has become more flexible: we either have flexible work hours or we can work remotely (including on the go). In fact, it is predicted that remote and hybrid work is pretty much the future of work itself. That is why many of our daily tasks have been adapted to fit into our pockets – on our smart devices. This includes digital marketing apps. If you are managing PPC campaigns, having access to your data on the go (whenever and wherever) can help your PPC decision making processes.

We Are Living in a Mobile-First World

Long gone are the days when we would browse the internet while sitting quietly at our desks. The world is now at our fingertips – information, social networking, and even work – they are all accessible from our mobile phones. 

While we don’t recommend you to be connected all the time, we have to admit that this connectivity also brings some advantages, like mobility and flexibility. It’s too late to challenge the status quo now – the biggest companies in the world are digital and more people are online than ever before. This has only been possible thanks to the “smart” revolution and those little smartphones we are all carrying around. While we recognize the importance of disconnecting every once in a while, this constant access to data and information does bring some benefits – including for PPC marketers.  

5 Reasons Why Having Data On The Go Can Help PPC Decision Making

Why should you download some extra mobile apps and get your data on the go? Can mobile access improve your PPC decision making? We believe that data is gold for the digital marketing industry and that you should therefore always have access to it. The first step in making data-driven decisions is having access to your data. And if there is an app for that – you surely can make it work to your advantage. 

why having data on the go helps with PPC decision making

Here are 5 reasons why downloading an extra mobile app and having your data on the go can help your PPC decision making:

Data “on the go” is easy to use 

Having the data behind your digital campaigns just one swipe away, the entire process of accessing the right data is extremely simple. Mobile apps are usually designed to offer you a lot of information in a fast and concise manner. That means that your favorite digital marketing tools are, by design, meant to make your life easier. Through a mobile app, data visualization is fast and easy. 

Quick access (to data) means quick action

As mobile apps offer you fast and easy access to your data, this also means that they give you an opportunity to act quickly. This may not be needed often, but having access to your data on the go, via a smartphone, can help improve your PPC decision making in unforeseen circumstances. Even if all you do is visualize that data on the go – without actively working on improving a campaign – being able to monitor your data at all times can help you react better in the case that things aren’t going according to your plan.

Ease your PPC marketing anxiety

If you’re either a PPC owner or a digital marketer, paid campaigns must raise your anxiety levels at least a little bit. Since you are investing money in having visibility, you always want to make sure that your budget is being used in an efficient way and getting you fast results. 

Having access to your data through various applications can keep your anxiety at ease. You will be monitoring your data to track changes and make sure you are running on track.

You will have an easy overview of your digital data

All campaign metrics are important, but monitoring your account’s overall activity is even more important. And constant monitoring allows you to identify trends and changes over longer periods of time.  

A mobile digital marketing tool can give you a great overview of all your campaigns. This gives you the possibility to assess your overall marketing efforts at all times and eventually improve your PPC decision making. 

Remote work is even easier 

If you haven’t hopped on the working remotely bandwagon, it is not too late. With so many companies turning to a remote or hybrid work model, it was only natural for digital tools to turn mobile too. Even though working on your mobile phone all the time may not be a good idea, having access to your data on the go, even when you are commuting, can help improve your PPC decision-making processes, while giving you much-needed work flexibility. 

There Should Be An App For Everything

At ClickGUARD, we strongly believe that the future is digital and that marketing has a strong role to play in this. We believe that trends like remote work and job flexibility are here to say. And we also believe that business owners and digital marketers alike should take advantage of all the technology that could make their lives easier. And nowadays that includes mobile apps. In order to meet this need that our customers also have, we have also developed a ClickGUARD app, meant to give you exactly this: data visibility and access to data on the go. 

The whole world seems to be “on the go” these days. Both the world and our work lives are fast-paced, interconnected, and driven by data. Business owners and digital marketers alike should make smart data-driven decisions in order to stay competitive and meet their business goals. That is why we believe that having access to your data on the go can truly help your PPC decision-making.  

How do you like your data? On a PC or on the go?