Ralph PerrierJune 30, 2017

Digital advertising is on the verge of the uncertainty. With its importance and use increasing on a daily basis, it still carries a battle with the ugliest circumstances that deliberately sabotage their effectiveness. Those circumstances are known as click frauds - the act of fake ad clicks that end up zeroing ad budgets and generating bogus traffic.

It’s obvious that those clicks end up in nothing close to conversions and the ad managers run out of budget. But then again, as Roxanne Barretto, Assistant Vice President for U.S. Digital Marketing at L'Oreal SA, noticed, “digital is too important”. Yes, digital is absolutely too important in order to let fraudulent actions get an upper hand and not let online advertising achieve the performance marketers were hoping to achieve.

Digital Ads in the face of a rampant Crisis

According to the article by Suzanne Vranica of The Wall Street Journal, many big corporations have also suffered from click fraud fake traffic. The article sums up the overall situation about the current state of online advertising and click frauds.

Apparently, ad frauds ended up having huge gains from their malicious actions and leaving not just one marketer a little unsettled. Click frauds have made the online ad industry an unsafe environment for the internet users. However, marketers are not giving up.

How do they fight it, then?

Well, as the hackers are finding more and more sophisticated methods to implement their illicit acts, so do professional programmers. Of course, their motives and goals differ tremendously. And while cyber criminals think of the very many ways they can benefit from click frauds, programmers spare no efforts to find solutions to those said frauds.

Marketers have now become more aware of the cyber dangers that threaten their PPC ad campaigns, traffic and conversion rates. They refer to the help of ad monitoring and fraud detection companies and software to keep their ads effective, budget untouched, and traffic not fake.

How can I get a click fraud protection service of my own?

There are a few common methods to prevent click frauds from happening to your ads. You can always make sure to set your ad only on reputable and high authority websites. And you can target only specific countries that are proved to guarantee conversions for your business. But when safety precautions do not help the matter, there’s only one solution left to try - monitoring.

With the help of click fraud protection software such as ClickGuard, you can monitor your ad clicks and respond accordingly. This software analyzes the clicks and whenever a fraudulent click is caught, it blocks the IP address it comes from. That’s why it’s a win-win situation to have access to all of that 24/7.

Online advertising crisis is pretty big with many large businesses referring to professional help for click fraud detection and protection. General Motors, Lenovo Group, Coca-Cola Co and others have already started using click fraud protection software and methods. What about you?

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