Industry-leading click fraud detection and prevention company now gives marketers a free tool to analyze Google and Meta ad accounts for fraudulent traffic estimates.

Wilmington, DE: As an industry-leading click fraud detection and prevention SaaS company, we would like to announce the release of our free Click Fraud Calculator. This easy-to-use tool allows businesses in a wide range of industries and sectors to get in-depth ad fraud analysis of their PPC campaigns on Google or Meta ad networks.

We realized that many businesses don’t know how seriously ad fraud affects their PPC campaigns, and therefore do not know they need protection against it. We set out to create a free, no-subscription tool that anyone can utilize to get a clear idea of the severity of click fraud in various industries and sectors.

The Click Fraud Calculator analyzes key metrics and provides a clear indication of the potential financial losses businesses might be experiencing due to fraudulent clicks. By raising awareness of this growing threat, ClickGUARD hopes to equip the advertising community with the knowledge and resources needed to protect their campaigns and maximize their return on investment.

The Click Fraud Calculator’s comprehensive analysis report will show just how susceptible your campaigns are to click fraud through a few key pages:

  • Top 5 Vulnerable Campaigns
  • Top 5 Vulnerable Keywords
  • Estimated Wasted Ad Spend Percentages
  • Estimated Unwanted vs Legitimate Clicks Percentages
  • Percentages Converted to Real Numbers
  • And more.

Head over to the free ClickGUARD Click Fraud Calculator page to gain valuable insights into your PPC campaigns’ potential vulnerability to click fraud. It provides an initial analysis, even without subscribing to our full suite. By understanding the potential impact of click fraud, you can make informed decisions about protecting your advertising budget.

About Click Fraud Calculator: The ClickGUARD Click Fraud Calculator is your free, no-subscription tool for uncovering potential click fraud impacting your PPC campaigns. Simply link your Google Ads or Meta Ads account to get started.

About ClickGUARD: ClickGUARD helps businesses protect their PPC campaigns from click fraud and maximize their ROAS with industry-leading detection and prevention software. Our tool safeguards advertisers from fraudulent clicks and unwanted traffic, ensuring campaign data integrity and optimizing budget efficiency. By eliminating click fraud, ClickGUARD is your business ally in achieving improved ROAS, increased efficiency, campaign optimization, and enhanced algorithm learning, leading to more targeted campaigns and a greater ROI.

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