ClickGUARD has released a brand-new Google Ads Masterclass that focuses on PPC marketing. This is a great skill to learn, especially in today’s digital age, where every form of media is ad-based. Whether you’re entering the industry for the first time, or if you want to learn some shiny new skills, our Masterclass is for you!

The Need For a Google Ads Course 

Ads are everywhere nowadays. Get on YouTube to watch a new video from your favorite artist and you’ll likely be interrupted by some sort of ad. Get on Facebook to stalk your ex, and there will be a bunch of ads popping up in your way. Google how to get a Dachshund in your area and, well, you guessed it: more ads.

The good news for the business owners out there is that you too can tap into this huge market. You too can display your ads to relevant people, at relevant times, on relevant pages to increase your conversion rates and bring more cash into your business. 

However, Google Ads can be confusing, especially if you have to teach yourself. That’s why ClickGUARD launched the Google Ads Masterclass — a series of six modules dealing with the foundation of running winning Google Ads.

We understand that being a leader in the PPC space is important which is why we aim to provide valuable insights and resources to the digital marketing and PPC communities. We believe education and self-education is the way to go forward, both as an industry and as a global market — and this is precisely why we decided to put out our Google Ads Masterclass completely free of charge.

An entire team of Google Ads experts has been working on this, so you can rely on the information in this Google Ads Masterclass to be reliable, well-organized, and easy to follow.

How to Get Started

Because Ads are so prevalent in today’s society, social media marketers and ad managers need to step up their game so that their ads can get noticed. And it’s so easy to get started with ClickGUARD’s Masterclass! 

You don’t even have to sign up, which means that no email address is needed, nor is any personal information. Our course is aimed at being accessible to everybody, whether you’re a marketer, a recent college graduate wanting to learn a new skill, or if you just want to learn some new skills. 

There’s nothing better than improving yourself while also learning a new skill! ClickGUARD makes learning Google Ads easy. With six modules spanning six weeks, you’ll be an industry professional in no time! With our course, you’ll not only get critical information regarding the theoretical application of Google Ads but we will also reveal hidden industry secrets that Google doesn’t want you to know about. 

ClickGUARD will also make sure your knowledge sticks by incorporating weekly quizzes and a “tip-of-the-week” that will enhance your understanding of Google Ads. 

Each module comes with a whitesheet that will help you along your Masterclass journey. You can use it as a reference, a guide, or a supplement to your own notes. Feel free to share it with your PPC agency or internal marketing team too — it’s all free, all ready to use, all meant to help you build better Google Ads strategies.


Becoming a PPC and Google Ads expert can take as little as six weeks with ClickGUARD! Our comprehensive course is perfect for everyone, no matter their expertise level. Our free Google Ads Masterclass course will help you on the way to marketing greatness!