If you work in marketing and particularly Google Ads, you are always on the lookout for changes. The digital life of a marketer is ever-dynamic. So it should be no surprise to you that  Google has rolled out a new Google Ads Scripts experience. 

First released for beta-testing in June 2021, the new Google Ads scrips experience has been live starting early 2022, and it is expected to become the default Google Ads Scripts experience by September 2022. 

Is it good news? Is it not so good news?

Read on to find out more. 

About Google Ads Scripts

Some of you may not be that familiar with them, but Google Ads scripts provide a way to programmatically control the data behind Google Ads. Scripts have been designed to help users automate common tasks or to interact with external data.

Google Ads scripts allow users to use simple JavaScript in a browser-based IDE. This means that an entry-level knowledge of JavaScript and a Google Ads account is needed to take advantage of scrips. Easy-to-do automation is something we all need and love.

The New Google Ads Scripts Experience: What You Should Know 

As we’ve already pointed out, the new Google Ads scripts experience has been available for beta testing since mid-2021. 

After some tweaks and bug fixes, it has officially been launched in March 2022. The new script experience is currently only available if you choose it. However, since it will become the default version by the end of the year, you should be aware of what’s new: 

  • Support for ES6, including let, classes, and more. These features make writing and reading scripts a smoother experience.
  • Faster processing: improved throughput allows users to process more data in the same amount of time.
  • Bidding strategy support: it’s possible to easily set up bidding strategies with scripts. This update includes support for bidding strategies that require an additional parameter (e.g. ROAS).

At the same time, do keep in mind that while Google will try to achieve compatibility for migrating scripts to the new scripts experience, they cannot guarantee that they will be fully compatible. So it might be best to get familiar with the new Google Ads scripts sooner, rather than later. 

What Are Users Saying About It? 

Usually, whenever Google rolls out a new update, there are different sides of the story (and, together with them, a number of complaints usually pop up too). But the new Google Ads scripts experience has been well-received by PPC marketers. 

For example, in a popular article, Search Engine Journal editor Miranda Miller considers that the new update makes automation easier

The improvement of bidding strategies seems to be a popular feature indeed, as seen on different tweets. 

Source: @hitectony

In addition to having more control over bidding strategies, Twitter user Duane Brown also loves the improved processing times.

Source: @duanebrown

The slow rollout and the long beta testing have probably allowed the development team to launch a pretty stable product. All in all, the new Google Ads scripts experience seems to be a good one. Here’s to more of those!