Have you ever wondered what tools the pros use to consistently achieve amazing results with Google Ads? 

With great reviews from users and experts alike, Optmyzr and Opteo are two PPC planning and optimizing tools you can use for your ads. These tried and tested PPC Management software options can save you time and money, but it’s important to know which one to choose in your pursuit to improve performance and increase your efficiency in PPC account management. 

The range of features and the time savings that each of these PPC tools can offer are something that you should always take into consideration when making that choice. And if you find that you’re still having trouble deciding between Optmyzr vs Opteo, you can always turn your attention to the quality of recommendations by existing users in relation to their price point. 

Here at ClickGUARD, we want to make your life as easy as possible, so we’ve neatly summarized all this for you in this in-depth Optmyzr vs Opteo review. 

Optmyzr vs Opteo: Compared Feature Matrix

Key Features


With a price point starting at €208 (approximately $243) per month for Regular service, Optymzr is definitely a costlier tool than Opteo. Both the Regular service and their Pro plan (which starts at €416/$486 per month) include access to all Optmyzr core features and automations. The difference in price comes with an increase in Ad Spend per month and the number of accounts you can manage on a single plan. 

Opteo’s price plans are the more affordable between these two tools, with their basic plan at only $97/ month. Same as Optmyzr, Opteo grants you access to all their features regardless of the plan you’re on, and makes the distinction based on the number of accounts  you manage and your total monthly Ad Spend. 

One-Click Optimizations

Among the founders of Optmyzr you’ll also find two guys who used to work for Google AdWords. Needless to say, their experience proved invaluable when creating the algorithm for this PPC tool back in 2013.

That’s why Optmyzr can now claim something no other piece of software can (because they trademarked the phrase): “one-click optimization”. According to their website, you can “optimize accounts in minutes, not hours” and “review and apply changes in seconds”

The same is true for Opteo too, though. The Google Ads management tool recommends optimisations based on continuous monitoring of account performance data. Optimizations can be launched with a single click and the software pushes changes to Google Ads automatically, without the need to switch between interfaces. 

A/B Testing

Instinct is important when it comes to running a successful SEM campaign. But data is even more important.. Fortunately,  A/B split testing offers us valuable insight into which ad performs better with our target audience. 

Both Optmyzr and Opteo allow you to perform A/B split testing on your active ads provided that you have at least 2 ad variations in each specific ad group.) 

In Optmyzr you can then choose to analyze them based on three different metrics: CTR, conversion rate and conversions by number of impressions.

Budget Management 

Regardless of whether you’re managing your own Google Ads account or those of your clients, you will probably have a budget to work with. And your goal as an online marketer or e-commerce business owner is to get the most bang for your buck. 

Adding a budget for each account you’re managing via Optmyzr or Opteo means you get the most appropriate, tailored improvement tasks and alerts. The tools themselves won’t make any changes to your Google Ads account, but they will translate monthly to daily budgets, generate optimization suggestions, track budget status and send budget alerts , analyze spending and more.

Account Alerts

It takes a lot of time and effort to manually track campaign behavior across channels. Fortunately, PPC tools like Optmyzr and Opteo simplify the process by allowing you to create automated alerts.

Opteo has 5 types of alerts that you can receive over Slack (if you’ve integrated your account with it) and/or email. These are:

  • KPI Anomalies (Unexpected changes in cost, clicks and impressions)
  • Budget (If you are significantly over or under spending)
  • Conversion Performance (If you hit a milestone with your conversion amount)
  • Zero Impressions (If your costs suddenly decrease to 0)
  • New Improvements (A round up of all new Improvements for that day, across all of your accounts)

You can select which ones you want to receive by simply ticking a box, and doing so turns alerts on at both account and campaign level.

Optmyzr has also recently introduced Slack integration along with a series of other improvements to their alert system (like support for new platforms and integrations to help you connect more PPC dots.)

Bid Management

Bid management is one of the most complicated aspects of PPC. Because of the complexities involved, a lot of time goes into evaluating performance and compiling spreadsheets of data, time that can be better spent elsewhere.

Although both tools are equipped with an efficient bid management algorithm, Optmyzr handles things differently vs Opteo.

Opteo knows that deciding the correct time range to evaluate performance is an important factor in effective bid management. That’s why the software takes this decision off of your hands and only looks at data recorded since a keyword was last optimized, preventing you from accidentally giving a specific keyword a double-boost. 

Bids are always automated by target cost per action (CPA) with Opteo.

Optmyzr, on the other hand, gives you full control of the bidding process. You can schedule bid changes on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Alternatively, you can automate bids based on target position, return on ad spend (ROAS), or CPA.

Conversions Tracking

Both Optmyzr and Opteo rely on conversion data to suggest and generate improvements. As such, making sure that you are tracking the conversion types you are interested in is crucial, regardless of whether that is a purchase, a phone call or a subscription. 

Picking what type of conversions you’d like to track is fairly easy from your ‘Manage” tab available from your Opteo account. 

First you’ll need to make sure you’ve marked your target conversion actions to be tracked from your Google Ads account ( Tools > Conversions > Include > Yes). 

After that, just head to Manage > Campaign Groups in your Opteo dashboard and select the conversions you want to track from the “Conversion Types” drop-down list. 

In our Optmyzr vs Opteo showdown, the former is one step ahead as far as conversion tracking goes. Optmyzr allows you to edit your Conversion Tracker Settings directly from within the tool, without the need to log into Google ads if you wish to change your Conversion Tracker Settings. 

Search Query Management

Managing search queries can seem endless…

Negative keywords help you get the most out of your Google Ads campaign by ensuring you don’t waste money on irrelevant keywords – when you add a negative keyword to your account, you prevent your paid ad from showing when that word is searched.

In theory, you can view the account’s search query report, identify each irrelevant keyword, and add them as exact match negatives. But in practice, it seems that with every negative added to the query, another three are waiting just around the corner. Whac-A-Mole is a tedious strategy for search query management. 

Luckily, both Opmyzr and Opteo have developed strategies to take care of this process for you. 

The PPC management tools are pretty similar in their (way more efficient) approach to eliminating irrelevant search queries:  they identify the lowest common denominator between these terms and then eliminate the irrelevant search queries in clusters while preventing more from triggering in the future.

And if you’re worried about them flagging a keyword as negative too soon, you can rest easy. Once they’ve identified an underperforming search query, they’ll suggest adding it as a negative keyword and also provide you with all the data you need to make the right choice. So,  ultimately, you have control.

Third Party Integrations

When it comes to third party integrations, Optmyzr wins vs Opteo. They have recently introduced a Zapier integration that users can enable from the Settings & Users section of their paid account. Those still on a free trial can also request early access to this feature by contacting the Optmyzr support center via email. 

Zapier is an online automation tool that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and it can now instantly connect Optmyzr with 3,000+ apps without the help of a developer. That will certainly dial your productivity up to superpower levels. 

At the moment, Opteo can only integrate with Google Analytics as well as Google Ads, and Slack. 

Customer Support

We all know that effective customer support can sometimes make or break a product. 

Opteo scores 4.9 out of 5 on Capterra for their excellent customer support, with one user saying: ”And the awesome support, which is helping you with any concern, even if it is not directly related to the platform of Opteo but rather about Google Ads on a more general level.” Their team is available to answer questions and provide technical assistance via email or chat Monday to Friday (09:00 to 18:00 GMT). 

Optmyzr scores just a little bit lower than Opteo, with an overall Customer Support score of 4.8 on Capterra. They’re also available via email or chat, they have an extensive Help Center on their website same as Opteo and one customer review reads: “Support is also super helpful in ensuring you are taking advantage of the tool.”

Optmyzr vs Opteo:  Conclusion

Whether you choose to go for Optmyzer or Opteo, one thing’s for certain: if you’re serious about search engine marketing, you should consider adding one of these time-saving PPC management tools to your toolset. 

Designed for marketing experts who want to cost-effectively manage Google Ad campaigns for an agency, consultancy, or their own company, both of these tools are effective and valuable and they’ll almost certainly help you save time and money. 

As far as what sets them apart, one website identifies campaign management as Optmyzr’s strong suit vs Opteo’s advertisement forte. But when it comes down to it, both tools have proved their worth and like many other digital marketing tools they allow you to sign up for a trial period, so feel free to try them before committing long-term.