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Is Click Fraud Malware Leaving Your Computer Susceptible To Other Online Threats?

You might never have heard of the practice of click fraud before. Even if you have, you might think that because you're not in advertising, then the harm that it can cause cannot possibly affect you. Who really cares if there's a program duping companies out of cash working secretly on your system? You can't […]

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Strong Keyword Matching

No one ever said that managing an AdWords campaign was going to be easy. Even for those highly experienced on the platform, it is not an exact science. There is considerable trial and error that goes into creating that perfect recipe for success. Crucial to a triumphant campaign is to understand and use Keyword Match […]

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Are You a Victim Of Click Fraud? - What Not To Do?

Owing to the difficulty and futility of manually detecting click fraudsters for yourself, the best option for online advertisers is to opt for an automated click fraud prevention service. When arming yourself with a piece of PPC fraud software, it is important to find one that will effectively deliver the service you require. Many different […]

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Robotic Traffic's Affect On Click Fraud

These days, there's big money to be made by fraudulently clicking on online advertisements. Whether it's to attack a competitor's marketing budget, or to make it appear that a given publication is hugely successful at attracting visitors to the advertiser's website, it makes little difference to those affected.   The fact of the matter is […]

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Click Fraud is Rife in PPC Advertising

Click fraud is running rampant online. Pay-per-click advertisers are at risk of wasting their advertising budget to the malicious practice and therefore must constantly search for a solution that will save their funds from being appropriated by cyber criminals and greedy advertising publishers.   What exactly is click fraud? Click fraud, or PPC spamming, or […]

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