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Block VPN Traffic From Your PPC Campaign And Save

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a program which hides the IP address of a computer system. This means that users can browse with greater anonymity because the data they leave behind on sites cannot be linked directly to them. There are some good reasons for wanting to use a VPN these days, and […]

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Click Fraud Detection and Prevention: The Best Method

The need to upgrade weapons in the war against click fraud has never been greater. Shifts in tactics from the fraudsters, from the blatant and crude, to the covert and sophisticated, have meant that advertisers are losing more money than ever to the malicious practice. Recent surveys of the damage PPC spamming has caused to […]

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Advertising Budgets: Are Competitors Costing You Money?

So, you decide your business could do with a greater online presence. You do your research and find Google AdWords. Sounds great, right? Sounds like exactly the kind of tool you need to take your company (and earnings) to the next level. You read the material, you watch the Youtube tutorials. You put in the […]

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How Florida Based Scammers Hit Ad Giants

Back in 2014, a Florida company were outed for using a series of fraudulent websites to dupe some of the world's largest brands out of mega bucks. The click fraud scammers targeted Orea, GlaxoSmithKline, Burger King, and Sprint, among others before simply disappearing.   While many online scammers favor highly sophisticated tactics, the Florida hacker […]

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Being More Successful With Adwords Conversions

What self respecting advertiser wouldn't want to improve their Adword conversions rate? It's no secret that a better conversion rating will improve a businesses ROI, and it is therefore natural to do whatever it takes to get one.   If your campaign isn't performing quite as you'd like it to then read on. We've prepared […]

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