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Uber-fast growth of machine learning and the internet of things in digital marketing
July 31, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 4 min reading time

Machine learning is everywhere from the internet of things to digital marketing to big data to programming and beyond. Forecasts show that the global machine learning market will cross $30 billion by 2024. It is […]

PPC Blogs in 2020, Frustration Finding The Right One? Let's Stop That!
July 22, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 7 min reading time

More than 2.75 million posts are published every single day on WordPress that only powers 35% of all the websites in the world. The actual number of blog posts could be way over 5 million. […]

Advertising Fraud and Prevention Tools, Alive or Dead?
July 2, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 4 min reading time

I know advertising fraud and understanding its in's and out's is no piece of cake on a Sunday afternoon so let's get into it and understand a few basics: What is Advertising Fraud? What Ad […]

The Growth Of Pay Per Click Ad Fraud With E-commerce
June 24, 2020 by Jason Pittock | 3 min reading time

Unprecedented Pay Per Click Growth To demonstrate the titan that e-commerce has become, the global e-commerce market had $3.5 trillion in sales which is representative of 14% of the total share of global retail sales […]

5 Customer-Centric Tips for PPC Agencies and Freelancers.
May 15, 2019 by ClickGUARD Team | 7 min reading time

It should come as no surprise that PPC agencies and freelancers can sometimes become so engrossed in the technical side of the business that they forget what it’s all about — the customers. Digital marketing […]

Rule Of The Week #6 Block IP Ranges That Bring No-Fingerprint Traffic
May 9, 2019 by ClickGUARD Team | 3 min reading time

Automatically blocking clicks from unknown sources is not an easy task to tackle. Thanks to the Block IP rule that ClickGUARD provides, you can automatically block all IP ranges that bring traffic from devices that […]

How Much Should You Spend on PPC Advertising?
May 8, 2019 by ClickGUARD Team | 6 min reading time

Setting your PPC Advertising budget is one of the most important decisions marketers must make when developing their strategies for a PPC Advertising campaign. It’s also among the most challenging ones. The lack of data, […]


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