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How Much Should You Spend on PPC Advertising?
May 8, 2019 by ClickGUARD Team | 6 min reading time

Setting your PPC Advertising budget is one of the most important decisions marketers must make when developing their strategies for a PPC Advertising campaign. It’s also among the most challenging ones. The lack of data, […]

Rule Of The Week #5 Time-on-site rule that excludes low-quality placements
May 3, 2019 by ClickGUARD Team | 3 min reading time

Looking to exclude low-quality placements? Rule of the week #5 will guide you to exclude low-quality placements that bring low-quality visits from display advertising. Why is it so effective? It automatically excludes placements that bring […]

Excluding bad placements automatically to eliminate low-quality PPC traffic
May 2, 2019 by ClickGUARD Team | 6 min reading time

PPC Traffic (The good stuff) is quite a pickle, to say the least, unfortunately for advertisers, it’s extremely easy to abuse ads on Google Display Network, get frustrated and give up altogether. With paid search, […]

Rule Of The Week #4 Protects your campaigns from keyword-based attacks
April 25, 2019 by ClickGUARD Team | 1 min reading time

Category: Target frequency What does it do: Protects your campaigns from keyword-based attacks Why is it effective: It automatically blocks all IPs or devices that are specifically targeting various keywords you are bidding on. This […]

The Digital Marketing Conference - Konverzija 2019 recap - Lessons and Takeaways
April 23, 2019 by ClickGUARD Team | 18 min reading time

"A Bosnian, a Croat, and a Serb walk into a conference room" sounds like a start of a bad joke. Konverzija, however, was everything but, even though it saw its fair share of people from […]

Google Ads To Exclude Mobile Devices? Rule Of The Week #3 These Are Not The Devices You Were Aiming For!
April 18, 2019 by ClickGUARD Team | 3 min reading time

When you need to exclude mobile devices on your google ads, you need a uber-specific rule that will eliminate repeated clicks from mobile and tablet devices. Thanks to our click forensics and data-driven insights we […]

Negative Keywords in Google Ads - 10+1 reasons why should be using them!
April 16, 2019 by ClickGUARD Team | 5 min reading time

Negative keywords, as their name suggests, are the opposite of regular keywords. A negative keyword in a search query ensures that your ad doesn’t show up on the results page. So, for example, if you […]


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