April 1, 2019 | by Ralph

Rule Of The Week #1 Protect Your Location

Category: Click frequency

What does it do: Eliminates repeated clicks from locations you are not targeting

Why is it effective: Because it automatically blocks all IPs or devices that clicked on your ad outside the specific geo settings you indicated in the Google Ads campaign settings

Here is the overview of the protection rule

ClickGUARD protection rule that eliminates traffic outside of the US

The process behind the rule

Let’s say you want to target only customers who are physically located in the area of your interest. In our case we want only customers in the United States. You would of course modify the advances location settings and select the option Target > People in your target locations.

Location campaign setup in the Google Ads

But what will happen after few days or weeks. You will check the Location report in the Google Ads or Google Analytics, and you will probably see clicks from locations that are not in the US.

Why is this happening?

It is well-documented that Google’s geo-targeting is not accurate. We recommend reading this article by Search Engine Land on the topic.

You might even say it is OK to get clicks from towns and areas that are close to the US (Canada, Mexico…), but what would you say to see clicks from locations that are highly unlikely to bring them? For an example you are targeting a US state with ads and getting clicks from the Middle East. In those cases, it is recommended to apply automated protection against the source of the click.

Why we put "two clicks per week" rule?

Because we acknowledge Google’s geo-targeting imperfection and we want to let visitors from nearby reach our site once or twice. But if we see that clicks are coming from completely irrelevant areas then we would modify the rule to block the source after a single click.


This rule is super effective. Fraudsters abuse location settings of your campaigns and try to drain your budget using the every possible loophole. Click fraud protection rules sometimes have to compensate for Google Ads' shortcomings. This rule lets you do that while making sure that you still manage to capture leads that can be valuable to you. And when you need to up your defense levels, you can easily modify the rule.