April 18, 2019 | by Ralph

Rule Of The Week #3 These are not the devices you were aiming for

Category: Click frequency

What does it do: Eliminates repeated clicks from mobile and tablet devices

Why is it effective: Because it automatically blocks all mobile or tablet devices (and their IPs) that are clicking on your ads. This ensures your campaigns are only targeting desktop devices.

Here is the overview of the protection rule

click fraud protection rule

ClickGUARD protection rule that eliminates traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices

The process behind the rule

One of the ways you can target your ad campaign is by device type. If you, for example, determine that desktop visitors give you a better return on investment than mobile visitors, it’s only logical that you’ll focus on attracting the more profitable visitors.

The problem is, however, that Google will often send you visitors from devices that you’re not targeting. In this case, this means that you’ll see clicks coming from mobile and tablet devices.

This rule helps you deal with clicks from undesired device types. You can set that, when you receive more than one clicks within a week from a tablet or a mobile device, our system notifies you and blocks the device for two weeks.

click fraud forensics

One section of the ClickGUARD's click forensics report

If we take a look at the screenshot above we can see just one section of our Click forensics report. In this example, we are analyzing eight clicks.

It is easy to spot that two clicks came from Android phones. Although the campaign in question has mobile bid adjustments set to -100%, some mobile clicks are still sneaking through.

Of course, there are other flagged clicks here: we can see two devices without a digital fingerprint that other protection rules managed to block (row 1 and 7), or one invalid click from the user using the Firefox browser (row 8).


We would like to see Google Ads system deal with these kinds of imperfections. Unfortunately, their system is not perfect and we often catch them in disrespecting campaign settings. Therefore, pay attention to our click reports and always create a new set of rules in order to eliminate fraudulent and low-quality PPC traffic.