April 10, 2019 | by Ralph

Rule Of The Week #2 Eliminate visitors that do not convert

Category: Conversion

What does it do: Eliminates repeated clicks from visitors that does not convert

Why is it effective: Because it automatically blocks all IPs or devices that had enough interactions on the website as other leads, as other but never converted.

Here is the overview of the protection rule

click fraud protection rule

ClickGUARD protection rule that eliminates traffic that does not convert

The process behind the rule

This client had a specific path to conversion and attribution model. It usually takes only one or two interactions before the visitor converts. Actually, by looking into the Analytics we can easily see that one or two interaction bring almost 90% of all leads.

path length attribution

Path lenght report from the Google Analytics

Waiting for multiple visits in this market does not pay off, especially with pretty high CPC for each click. Therefore protecting the budget and eliminating visitors that do not convert is of the biggest importance.

Why we put "five clicks per week" rule?

Because that timeframe fits into the attribution model generated by other leads. It is not likely that after a week anyone would convert. Keeping the number of clicks to five prevents non-converters from increasing the overall costs and CPA of the campaign. But also, we have a nice "buffer" of five visits that historically should bring a lead.


Even though this rule isn’t dealing directly with ad fraud, it’s still showing excellent results for our clients. They need to be able to deal with low-quality PPC traffic, and that’s exactly what this rule does.

With enough creativity and planning, there is a limitless number of ways to use this rule to further optimize Google Ads’ performance.