As a marketer, it’s most definitely use Google Analytics (GA). It’s a full-feature, free web-analytics system that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization and marketing purposes, and it’s being used by small and large websites alike. 

However, in recent years, a growing number of alternatives have started to help in breaking Google’s dominance. 

Whether your concerns are that GA is being stretched past its core functionality and doesn’t measure up to the growing complexity of today’s online businesses or you’re concerned about making this simpler for you and your team, today we’ll look at two other analytics tools out there that could be a better fit for your business: SegMetrics vs Simple Analytics.

SegMetrics vs Simple Analytics: Compared Feature Matrix

Key Features


SegMetrics is a marketing analytics tool that lets businesses gain insights into the true value of their leads. With key functions including campaign management, data visualization, performance metrics, website analytics and more, SegMetrics does a lot. And when it comes to their price point, they bolster that no matter what level you’re at, SegMetrics has a plan for you. With a starting price of $146/ month for their annual plan or $175/ month for a monthly plan, we’ll let you be the judge of that. 

Simple Analytics promises to deliver clean and friendly analytics for marketers, businesses and developers. 

In keeping with that transparency policy, Simple Analytics vows never to sell your data. And, as they themselves put it, ‘when a service is free, you are the product’. Therefore, their plans always come at a price, starting at EUR 9/ month if you get a yearly subscription or, if you’d rather pay for your marketing analytics software one month at a time, the Simple Analytics Starter Plan would cost you EUR 19/ month. 

Email Reports

If you’ve been serious about online marketing for a while, chances are you’re already hooked on email reports. After all, quality periodic reports mean that you don’t have to keep checking your dashboard all the time. 

So the good news here is that if you want to start your Monday morning by checking how your website is doing, both Segmetrics and Simple Analytics get you the data that matters for your business – and put it right into your inbox. 

Simple Analytics includes info on top referrers, traffic spikes as well as comparisons with the previous period in its report. And what’s cool is that they also allow you to send email reports directly to your clients. 

And of course it does all that in true Simple Analytics fashion – without tracking. All images in the report are included as attachments. 

SegMetrics’ weekly email reports are also designed to make your life easier. They include essential information to help give you valuable insights into your marketing performance: lead growth, new leads, lead value and revenue, and more. 



Analytics software today use automation to tie together scores of data in one central location and then save you time by aggregating said data to give you an overview of the KPIs that matter most for your business. 

It’s also crucial for these tools to display the information in a manner that’s efficient, effective and easy to understand by the user. 

SegMetrics vs Simple Analytics both tackled this task well by creating dashboards that are intuitive visual representations of the most essential data they collect – so that the user can understand the status of their most important metrics at first glance.

But here’s the catch – some solutions have more features than others, and as such, can’t fit every bit of data they track on that first page. 

SegMetrics’ default analytics dashboard, for example, displays latest leads, revenue, lead value, top products, and more. 

And while the default Dashboard may be enough for some people, you can also create multiple custom dashboards to organize your reporting data according to your own priorities.

Simple Analytics collects a significantly more limited amount of data in comparison. As such, they can aggregate all that data in one simple, easy to understand dashboard – without the need for customization. 

Data Import / Export

Marketing Analytics tools collect your data and issue reports based on it, but only some tools also allow you to export that data. SegMetrics and Simple Analytics are two of the ones that do. 

Simple Analytics makes it clear through their terms of service that customers own the analytics data. Therefore, they make it easy for you to export it as aggregated data straight from the dashboard, or export it as raw data through the user interface. 

SegMetrics on the other hand, does not let you export raw data. You can, however, create a report with the filters of your choice and download it easily as a CSV or PDF file. 

SegMetrics can also import your historic data. So if you decide to create an account with them, you don’t need to wait days or even weeks until you get any meaningful reports. With the historic data import, you can get instant insights without having to wait for numbers to flow in.

Mobile App

It seems we all have a mobile device glued to our hand these days. And while most business-related tasks are still performed on our computers, we also love being able to access important information on the go. 

Here’s where mobile apps come in. Simple Analytics has recognized this need in their customers and developed a mobile app that includes nice looking widgets and dark mode support for when you want to scroll at night. The app is currently only available on iOS. 

SegMetrics did not as of yet develop a mobile app and is only available through their web-based platform. 

Campaign Tracking

If you want to find the real ROAS of your marketing campaigns, you’ll be happy to hear that SegMetrics tracks all the key metrics that can help you determine a campaign’s value. 

Using tracking data, they’re able to report on New Leads, New Buyers, Conversion Rate, and Lead Value. 

Calculated as Lead Revenue / New Leads, a Campaign’s Lead Value is a key metric for determining how much you can spend on a given ad campaign and generate a positive Return On Investment. It sounds pretty awesome, right ? 

Tweet Viewer

Twitter is known as an excellent platform to engage with friends and follow celebrities or  industry experts. 

But it can also be tremendously useful in promoting your business or your personal brand. 

If Twitter is part of your marketing strategy, Simple Analytics shows you the actual tweet generating your traffic instead of the usual referer. 

SegMetrics has a Twitter Marketing integration available to give you insights into how many leads your Twitter account is generating, but doesn’t point you to the actual tweet. 

Customer Journey Reporting

Every marketer knows that the journey of acquiring a customer is not as easy as going from point A to point B.

There are likely many touch points along the way – email clicks, downloads, page visits and more – and SegMetrics tracks them all. 

With their Customer Journey function, SegMetrics automatically tracks your leads across every website, email, and sales ad so you can understand which of your marketing efforts attract leads and which ones inspire sales. 

Simple Analytics’ privacy-first policy means the number of movements they track is kept to a must know only – which makes a similar Customer Journey report impossible. 

Privacy and Data Collection

In recent years, more of us started to pay closer attention to privacy settings and policies while browsing online.

But you can’t be pro-privacy without also respecting your users’ privacy as much as you do your own. That’s why many online marketers and entrepreneurs gravitate towards ethical tools that only collect essential information while still providing relevant traffic data. 

When it comes to privacy and data collection, it would be hard for SegMetrics vs Simple Analytics to be more different. 

We’ve already seen that SegMetrics make it their goal to collect all data, from all the tools you use, centralize it and report back on it so that your sales funnel and customer journey no longer hold any secrets for you. 

On the other hand, Simple Analytics doesn’t use cookies and they don’t collect any personal data. But they’re still an analytics tool, so they obviously do collect some vital information. And in order to see a comprehensive list of what that is, you only need to access the Docs section of their website. 

Third Party Integrations

Simple Analytics easily integrates with a number of platforms using a straightforward code injection to provide businesses, marketers, and developers with the site performance data they need – all privacy friendly and GDPR compliant.  

And if your favorite platform isn’t in the list of available integrations right now, Simple Analytics encourages you to reach out – and they will create a guide or plugin for you. 

SegMetrics is the analytics tool that promises to use data from all the marketing tools you already use to create a single, holistic view of your entire customer journey. 

As such, they got to work on allowing their users easy integrations with all their favorite marketing software and currently have over 70 integrations available. 

Customer Support

Both SegMetrics and Simple Analytics have Help Centers where their users can access support documentation. The one for SegMetrics is extensive, while the one for Simple Analytics is.. well.. simple. 

But considering that so are the features of Simple Analytics, you will probably find that the documentation library is sufficient.

And if you run into any difficulties while using SegMetrics or Simple Analytics, you can always contact their respective support teams via email or live chat. 

SegMetrics vs Simple Analytics:  Conclusion

If you’re looking for someone to tell you which analytics tool to choose, you’ve come to the wrong place. But what we can tell you, is why SegMetrics and Simple Analytics are worth choosing.

SegMetrics is the master of metrics for leads. It connects people to clicks, touchpoints, and purchase information and provides clarity on where leads come from and how they act. And it does that over the course of a customer’s lifetime, not just over the span of a few days.

So if you want to finally see which lead segments are the most valuable, SegMetrics is the tool you need. 

Do you want simple, clean and privacy friendly analytics ?

Then Simple Analytics is the one for you! This privacy-focused analytics tool provides businesses, marketers and developers with the relevant traffic data they need without ever tracking visitors or collecting personal information.