June 15, 2016 | by Vuk Stan

Being More Successful With Adwords Conversions

What self respecting advertiser wouldn't want to improve their Adword conversions rate? It's no secret that a better conversion rating will improve a businesses ROI, and it is therefore natural to do whatever it takes to get one.


If your campaign isn't performing quite as you'd like it to then read on. We've prepared some hints and tips to help you to improve that all important conversion rating. This in turn will lead to a healthier bottom line, and isn't that why you were doing this in the first place?


Study Your Clients' Path of Purchase

If you find that you have some successful AdWord conversions, analyze them and discover what exactly it was that appealed to your customers.


Google Analytics “Behaviors” function can give you a good understanding of your leads specific actions when they reach your landing pages. Look for clues in the information presented. A good example would be if most of your clickers are new visitors, rather than returning ones, then perhaps your potential customers are having difficulty understanding the function of a product. This is vital information for you as an advertiser and might prompt you to amend the way you deliver information regarding to your products.


Make Use of Negative Keywords

You can use keywords to prevent the display of your advert in places that it would be deemed counter productive for your campaign.


A basic example of this would be for a electricians firm advertising online. Of course, you want customers to click your advert, visit the landing page and buy a service or product from you.

However, you wouldn't want your advert displayed on a page that featured “sex scenes with an electrician” because those reaching this site would (presumably) be less interested in your company rewiring their house. Of course, this is a dramatic example and is used to highlight the point that not all publicity is good publicity.


When integrating keywords, try to target areas which will lead to high AdWord conversions rates, and avoid those that will not. On your Adwords campaign, enter all the words that you think could damage your campaign if your advert was featured on an appropriate (for the keyword) website. This will in turn boost your ROI.


Test Your Landing Page Design

Even the best adverts online must rely somewhat on the landing page itself. Use A/B testing to see how well pages perform. Experiment with colors, placements, layouts, and shapes, and determine which is the most effective.


Never underestimate the significance of even the smallest change. Keep experimenting until you find something that really converts.


Block Click Fraud

Blocking click fraud is obviously vital for improving your ROI. Using a third party software, like Click Guard, you can identify positive and negative IP addresses and block those clickers that you deem to be negative for the success of your campaign. As you as you successfully block a fraudulent clicker, you are saving money. Successfully do this a bunch of times, and you'll have saved yourself a bunch of money. It really is that simple.