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Best Google Ads Scripts for Customized Control

Scripts can intimidate you if you are not a programmer, at first sight, they intimated me anyway, so I decided to write this article to share my journey and findings. Let's go!

Writing JavaScript requires knowledge and if you don't have it, you may think it is impossible for you to implement Google Ads Script for your PPC Campaigns.

I didn't know how to use JavaScript either, but I learnt how to master Google Ads Scripts, so don't worry if you are a beginner with this, let me show you some tricks which will get you up and running with scripts in a flash.  The good news is that the majority of Google Ads Scripts are available for free. You can copy, paste, and tweak if needed.

So why use Google Ads Scripts?

Google Ads Scripts can help you control your PPC Campaigns at scale. JavaScript code is key to being able to interact with external data and automate tasks that work for your benefit when it comes to advanced Google Ads practices. Therefore the empowering nature of the scripts allows you to dominate your Google Ads which will directly improve your ROAS.

With Google Ads Scripts, you can put yourself in the driver’s seat and manage your marketing activities in a way that substantially enhances your performance.

Benefits of Using Google Ads Scripts

Marketers have much to gain from getting well-acquainted with Google Ads Scripts. Learning this skill will boost your results and open new opportunities for your PPC marketing career, now or later.

The best Google Ads scripts perform many tasks for you including:

  • Creating reports
  • Producing tools for analysis
  • Sending automatic alerts and notifications
  • Automatically update your bids
why use google ads scripts

That’s just a hint of what ads scripts can do for you. When you become more skilled at layering on ads scripts, it will save you time from doing the tasks shown in the bulleted list.

When you can save time by automating tasks, it frees up lots of time for the other items on your “to-do” list like doing keyword research, analyzing data, developing bid strategies, and more.

Here’s a look at my top 40 most useful Google Ads Scripts, conveniently divided by sections.

How to Use Google Ads Scripts 

To get started, go into your Google Ads Account and look for the Bulk Operations column listed under Tools & Settings which is in the top bar. Hover your mouse over text New Script to begin and click on the + button. That will take you to a page that shows a box where you can write and execute your code. Here you can open the scripts page in your My Client Center and write scripts that will act on multiple accounts.

Looking for google ads scripts

Scripts for Ad Management

1. Dynamic Ad Extensions by Daniel Gilbert

PPC marketers with experience will appreciate this tool that provides callouts and site links that yield data that’s relevant to their search. As you make changes to your site and individual pages, it may change the links. This script automatically keeps your site links updated, eliminating the worry over broken links.

2. Limit AdWords Overdelivery to Any Amount by

If you’re familiar with a Google Ads script report, you know that Google lets you overspend by up to 100% to compensate for low traffic days. This script gives you greater control over your budget by allowing you to set the overspend value range between 0% to 100%.

3. Copy Google Ads Extensions by Daniel Gilbert

If you’ve used Google Ads extensions you’ve likely seen an improvement in our click-through rates. The downside to these extensions is that they cost you time when you have to copy them over to every campaign. This script solves that problem.

4. Foreign Exchange Rate Bid Adjuster by Wesley Parker

For companies that have an international presence, the exchange rate of various currencies has a bearing on the demand for products and services. Your customers are looking for the true cost of their purchases and they want to see the figure reflected in the currency they use every day. This script automates the process by monitoring exchange rates and automatically adjusting bids to reflect the customer’s cost in their own currency.

5. Goodbye Low-Quality Score by Daniel Gilbert

The right keywords will help you make the most of your ad budget. If you’re struggling to find low-quality score keywords, this script will find them for you so you can take action. This script will also run at various intervals and give you alerts when there’s a problem with low-quality keywords. It’s an easy path to maximizing your ROI.

6. Disable Ads For Out Of Stock Items by Russell Savage

Running paid ads for the most popular items in your e-commerce store can cause you to run out of stock. If your site doesn’t reflect the items that are out of stock, your customers will get frustrated and quickly go elsewhere. Using this script, disable your ads automatically when your stock levels drop and save customer disappointment over inventory problems.

7. Managed Ads Based On Airport Delays by Russell Savage

Do you own a business near an airport or have clients that live and work near airports? Travelers have time on their hands and will be online while waiting for flights. This script uses an application programming interface (API) to optimize your ad campaigns to enable or pause ads according to airport delays or cancellations.

8. Weather Based Campaign Management by Google

Many businesses are greatly affected by the weather. During rainy days, no one feels like venturing out or doing anything fun. When the days are sunny and nice, it motivates consumers to be active on and offline. That’s where this weather-based script can give you an advantage. It automatically increases your bids when the sun shines and lowers them when the clouds come out.

9. Dynamic Stock Quotes by Russell Savage

Savvy customers watch the stock market and often base their buying decisions on a company’s ratings. This script also uses APIs to integrate stock prices into ads in real-time to motivate buyers to follow through on sales.

10. Dynamic Sale Countdown Timer by Google

Sales offer great opportunities to get customers into your sales funnel. This script counts down the hours with a visible counter showing customers how much time they have left to take advantage of sales.

11. Sales Countdown Calendar by Google

If you’ve ever wished you could automate your sales campaigns according to your marketing calendar, this script will do the trick. Use this script to set up and manage multiple ads and campaigns.

12. Audience Assistant by Google

Remarketing efforts will stretch your ad budget, but it can be hard to keep track of your audience segments. With this Google ads budget script, you can add your remarketing lists within an account for a specific campaign, making your life much easier.

13. Pause Low Inventory Items by Magnus Dahlquist

If you’re running an eCommerce platform, you know that it’s a little unnerving when you begin to run low on stock on popular items. Dahlquist developed this script that pauses ad campaigns when inventory starts diminishing rapidly to relieve your ad budget.

14. Fix Capitalization Errors by Russell Savage

Customers notice when there are obvious grammar errors in your ads, especially when you capitalize the wrong words. If capitalization isn’t your strong suit, this script will run through your ads and correct your content which will have a positive impact on your click-through rate.

Google Ads Scripts that Save You Money (Budget)

Google ads scripts to save you budget

15. Bid Testing by AdWords Scripts.

Imagine having the benefit of getting a spreadsheet that lists your various bids and the results. When you use this script, you can easily see which bids have the highest click-through rates and which are performing the best. It’s an essential tool for determining your return on ad spend (ROAS).

16. Bid to Position by AdWords Scripts.

In managing your budget dollars, you may need to work with a lower ad position, and this script will help you do that. It bids to a certain ad position allowing you to test which ad position will get you to your goals.

17. Multi Bidder by AdWords Scripts.

The benefit to this script is that it gives you all the rules for your bids in a Google Ads script report on an easy-to-read spreadsheet. Use this script to keep you continually in the loop of your account.

18. Unique Bidding Rules For Each Campaign by Russell Savage from

In the interest of saving you valuable time, this script lets you adjust bids automatically based on rules that you set. Set as many rules as you choose for controlling the cost per conversion or any other goals.

19. Flexible Budgets by AdWords Scripts.

Ads scripts examples are the best way to show you how Flexible Budgets gives you control over your budget. For example, let’s say that you had $1000 to spend on an ad campaign and you wanted to run it for 10 straight days. You could set your daily budget at $1000 and know that you won’t go over. The limitation is that you don’t get to increase your budget during the final days of a sale.

20. Update Your Bids From A Google Spreadsheet by Russell Savage from

Save even more time with this scrip that updates your bids on a large scale from your Google spreadsheet.

21. Dynamically Adjust Campaign Budgets by Russell Savage.

Have you wished that you could set different budgets at different times of the month or you want to set a strict budget? If so, you need this script which gives you the control to pause an ad or set a different budget for it when the designated budget gets used up.

22. Increase Bids On Cheap Conversion Keywords by Evernote.

If your budget is tight, there is an easy way to increase conversions on low-cost converting keywords. Use this script to set a bid adjustment percentage for low-cost keywords to lower your cost per conversion.

23. 24 Hour Bidding Schedule by Brainlabs.

Google Ad scripts only allow you to schedule 6 bid windows every day. This script takes away the limits by letting you adjust your bids every hour. You can schedule it every day of the week if you wish. Set your schedule so your ads only run at the most optimum times to place your ads in the best position, hour by hour.

24. Calculate and Set Mobile Bid Modifiers by Frederick Vallaeys from Optmyzr.

Customers are increasingly using mobile devices and tablets. To optimize your site for mobile devices, use this script to review your ROAS and PPC performance on mobile. The script analyzes keywords and makes suggestions for mobile bid modifiers.

25. Set and Suggest Mobile Bid Modifiers by Russell Savage from

To keep on pace with mobile traffic, this script adjusts the mobile bid modifier. It lets you set a minimum or maximum bid adjustment for your ad campaigns.

Get Control Over Pausing and Deleting Ad Campaigns with Google Ads Scripts

26. Pause Ads With Low CTR by Russell Savage from

It’s time-consuming to manually pause the lower click-through rate in each ad group. The benefit of this script is that it automates the process of stopping ads with low click-through rates, freeing up your budget for ads that perform better.

27. Pause Ad Groups With No Active Keywords by Russell Savage from

This is a great tool for larger Ads accounts because it automatically pauses ad groups that don’t have active keywords which means you don’t have to be so hands-on with your account.

28. Pause All Keywords With No Impressions by Russell Savage from

Keep your account clean with this script that automatically pauses keywords that aren’t getting impressions. Getting rid of dead keywords will improve your Quality Score.

29. Pause or Enable Campaigns, Keywords or Ads On a Specific Date by Russell Savage from

Set your campaigns to enable or pause on a certain date using this script to free yourself up to take a vacation or tend to other parts of your business.

30. Account Monthly Budget Pause by Sean Dolan from Pushfire.

Automatically set the point to cut off ads when you’ve reached your budget limit using this script from Pushfire.

31. Pause Keywords With Low Quality Score by Optmyzr.

Another way to protect your budget is to automatically pause keywords that have a Quality Score of 5 or less, and this script puts you in position to do it. It automatically checks the Quality Score every 30 days.

32. Delete All Disapproved Ads In An Account by Russell Savage from

Large accounts can be difficult to manage. Make account management easier by using this script to remove disapproved ads in bulk.

33. Remove Underperforming Ads by Frederick Vallaeys from Optmyzr.

Optmyz came up with this helpful script for cleaning up you’re A/B ad experiments by telling you which of them is performing better than the other. Run it monthly to keep your marketing plan cleaned up and performing well.

34. Disable Ads and Keywords For Out Of Stock Items by Russell Savage from

If you’re struggling to keep inventory high, this script will be a lifesaver. It pauses ad groups when an item on your site goes out of stock so that you’re not paying for ads to pages with items that are unavailable.

Using Google Ads Scripts to Manage Google Display Network & Shopping Campaigns

35. Shopping Campaigns by Google Ads Scripts.

Ads Scripts gives you this list of scripts to manage your shopping campaigns if you don’t want to use the Ads interface or editor.

36. Shopping Content byGoogle Ads Scripts.

These scripts save you time on optimization by focusing on the products in your shopping campaigns.

37. Google Display Network by AdWords Scripts.

Manage your Google Display Network campaigns efficiently using this script.

38. Reviews GDN Placements by Derek Martin from

Google Display Network ads can generate thousands of ad placements, making them difficult to monitor. Keep costs for your Google Display Network ads lower by using this script to pinpoint underperforming ad placements.

39. Review Google Shopping Products For Sharp Changes by Derek Martin from

Sharp changes in your ad campaigns either tell you that something is going great or something is really off with product-level costs and average cost per click rates. This script alerts you to drastic changes so you can make modifications right away.

40. Bulk Shopping Ad Group Creator by Google Ads Scripts.

Get a better handle on your campaign organization structure using this script to create ad groups and product groups in bulk with Google spreadsheets.

That’s quite a list of helpful scripts! You’ll find many more to help you simplify your processes and save time. Don’t feel overwhelmed. This list should help you narrow in on the scripts that will help you the most. Start implementing a few at a time and watch your results improve fast. Use the time you save to explore even more ways to use scripts to your advantage.

Your time is valuable, and ClickGUARD has the expertise to choose the right scripts for your business to help you manage your budget and get great results. If dealing with scripts is more than you want to tackle, ClickGUARD works with your budget to help you achieve or exceed your marketing goals.

Jason is the CMO @ ClickGUARD. He is passionate about all things PPC, SEO and has extensive customer acquisition experience. When not writing about SEM he can be found surfing the wildest ocean waves of the South American coast.