Google has been through several iterations throughout the years. From a humble search engine, to a company rivaling big-name tech brands like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, Google has come a long way in a short amount of time. 

Google is now launching Google Ads Creative Studio, the perfect space for creatives, marketers, writers, and ad-lovers. If you’re a visionary, a marketer, or if you’re just interested in what new thing Google is doing, Google Ads Creative Studio is perfect for you. 

Read on to see how Google Ads Creative Studio can benefit you! 

Top Things to Know about The Google Ads Creative Studio

The new Google Ads Creative Studio has several unique features that will help elevate your ad campaign. If you want to level up your ad game, read on!

1. Combinations galore!

Google Ads Creative Studio combines several creative tools that will enhance your ads. With features like Dynamic Ads Display and HTML5 creation tools, you can take your ads to the next level to get the best engagement possible. 

For those who specifically put their ads on YouTube, the Google Ads Creative Studio features an Audio Mixer, Dynamic Audio tools, and the Director Mix. Each of these components is perfect for those who like visual ads

2. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

If you’re someone who’s bad at remembering passwords (or if you don’t want to share your sensitive passwords with interns, freelancers, or other people at your company), Google Ads Creative Studio has a solution to that. 

With multiple users and log-ins, you and your team can experience account security while staying on the same page. It’s easy for users to share visual, dynamic, and audio assets across multiple teams and platforms, which makes it the perfect platform for teamwork. 

3. Multiple Ad types? No problem. 

Your asset library can be mixed and matched to create a variety of different ads. It becomes easy to create multiple versions of the same ad or you can even get creative with multiple ad types. 

Google Smart Ads, Youtube Ads, Display Ads, and Dynamic Ads are all supported, which is great for marketers who specialize in different ad types. Whatever platform you use, and whatever kind of ad you create, Google Ads Creative Studio will help you every step of the way. 

4. Agency-friendly!

As of now, Google Ads Creative Studio is limited only to agencies, unfortunately. This is a blow to small business owners, freelance creatives, and marketing employees who don’t work for an agency. However, if you’re on the side of the fortunate, signing up is easy! 

All you have to do is fill out the Google Ads “Contact Us” form and then request a Google Ads Creative Studio account. Turnaround time is about two weeks from when you fill out the form. From there, Google Ads Creative Studio is yours to play with!

5. No commitment necessary. 

Even though Google Ads combines several key, unique features from its creative products, it’s actually possible to use these same creative tools independently from one another. That way, if you don’t want to commit to Google Ads, you can still use these tools alongside your preferred ad platform. 

This is a great solution for those marketing agencies that don’t want to spend time re-learning and re-training their employees. Instead, you can implement Google Ads Creative Studios creative tools to streamline the ad process. Using the creative tools alongside your preferred ad platform not only enhances the marketing process, but it also keeps everything all the way organized. 

Should You Sign up for Google Ads Creative Studio? 

It depends. If you’re part of a marketing agency, Creative Studio’s collaboration-based features will probably benefit you. These features promise to streamline your ad process and they’re great for multiple ad types. However, if Google Ads Creative Studio doesn’t suit your needs, you can still continue to use  Display & Video 360 and Google Ads for dynamic display assets.