We are living in times when our smartphones are inevitably a part of our daily lives. We check our emails on the go, we chat wherever we are, we read the news while commuting… It was only natural for our work tools to become mobile too. Digital businesses like PPC agencies are among those who can greatly benefit from the accessibility that mobile apps are offering. Especially in the context of work becoming more flexible, with so many digital agencies embracing a remote or hybrid work model, it is useful for you to be aware of the best mobile tools for your PPC agency. 

Marketing on The Go: Is That Really Necessary?

Some may argue that we don’t need to be connected to our digital tools at all times. And we are not saying that you should impose the use of mobile tools for PPC agencies and have your marketing team work around the clock. Needless to say, you shouldn’t force anyone to use any work apps on their personal phone. 

However, there are many apps out there that can make your life and work easier. Let’s face it, flexibility is one of the most desired job benefits nowadays. And this includes having the ability to work anytime, anywhere – sometimes including “on the go”. Mobile technology can be of huge help when doing that. But in order to take advantage of mobile tech, you should first be aware of the benefits that each tool offers and how each of them works. 

Top 9 Mobile Apps for PPC Agencies

What are the best mobile tools for your PPC agency? Especially if you work in a remote or flexible work model, having access to your data “on the go” can help you feel “on top” of the situation. This also allows you to make better data-driven decisions and ensure better communication and collaboration between your team members. 

top mobile apps for ppc agencies

Here are some mobile apps that your PPC agency may find particularly useful:

Google Ads

Needless to say, as a PPC marketer, you want to check your campaigns. With the mobile Google Ads app you can keep an eye on your campaigns no matter where (and when) you are. You can check and analyze the metrics of your campaigns, but also make changes to them. This is particularly useful if you must keep a close eye on your budget and adjust it frequently. 

Having more visibility over campaign data can also help you make better decisions. 

The Google Ads app is available for both iOS and Android

Google Analytics

Google Ads and Google Analytics go hand in hand. The latter allows you to gain more insight into what has happened to your campaign traffic after people have landed on your website. Again – more data, more insights; and this means better decisions. 

Luckily, there is a mobile version of Google Analytics too, that gives you access to pretty much the same data as the browser-based version. 

Google Analytics is also available for both iOS and Android


When we’re talking about data and analytics, we’re also talking about optimization. Because having a good overview of your data and analyzing it from various perspectives is ultimately meant to help you make better decisions. 

When it comes to Google Ads campaign optimization, you can count on ClickGUARD to help you make the most out of your campaigns. ClickGUARD helps you prevent click fraud and avoid spammy clicks by giving you a lot of post-click information. Through this “click forensics”, you find out exactly where your clicks are coming from and how the users behind them are behaving on your website. All this information can help you optimize your campaigns to get a better ROI and more relevant traffic.  

ClickGUARD has developed both an Android and an iOS version. 



Communication is essential for any team. And sometimes communication needs to happen fast. Every company nowadays is using some internal communication tool. But for those moments when you are commuting or running an important errand while waiting for an important response – some mobile tool for PPC agencies is needed. 

Our recommendation is Slack – an instant messaging app that is great for team communication. It is very useful for teams and businesses of all sizes and also offers various useful integrations – e.g. with Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. 

You can get Slack both for your iOS and your Android mobile device. 

Google Drive 

Our list of mobile tools for PPC agencies wouldn’t be complete without a great collaboration tool. Google Drive is one of the best and most popular ones. It allows you to share various resources among your team – from files to documents, templates, and instructions. 

At the same time, through additional apps like Google Spreadsheets and Google Docs, your team can work on the same projects together, including “on the go”. 

In case you only need a sharing app that allows you to share files without the additional features offered by Google Drive, Dropbox is a good alternative tool. 

You can use Google Drive both on Android and iOS


Trello is a popular project management app for teams and individuals. Trello made our list of the best mobile tools for PPC agencies because it is so friendly and easy to use. It uses Kanban boards to allow you to track each project in different development phases. You can set deadlines, assign tasks, rearrange them, and comment on each project on the go. The UI is also very simple and friendly. 

Trello is also available for both Android and iOS


If you want a simpler task-tracking application, we recommend Evernote. It is a super simple application based on the concept of “to-do” lists. This app can be useful for teams (as it allows sharing items between several people), but also for individuals. It allows you to make different lists of tasks or objectives and it gives you the satisfaction of “ticking them off” one by one. 

A popular alternative to Evernote is Google Keep, which offers similar features. 

Want to use Evernote? Download it for iOS or Android

Grammarly Keyboard

A wonderful tool for everybody who writes. Whether you write ad copy or just emails, Grammarly Keyboard can be a life-saving app when you have to produce texts on the go. It helps you avoid mistakes and make sure your texts are clear and coherent. While Grammarly is very popular among content writers, the mobile version – the Keyboard – can be useful for anyone producing texts when “on the run” on the small screen of a mobile phone. 

You can get Grammarly Keyboard for your Android or iOS phone. 


Last but not least, our list of mobile tools for PPC agencies wouldn’t have been complete without a simple and easy-to-use design app. As we know some of you must produce visuals for your clients, Canva can help you out in those moments when you need to produce, edit or change something urgently. It offers many templates to choose from, but also many customization opportunities. 

This wonderful tool is also available both in Android or iOS form. 

These are our favorite mobile tools for PPC agencies. We don’t believe you should download them to your phone right away and we don’t advise you to always stay connected with your work (we all need to take a break from time to time), but we do believe these apps can be very useful for agency owners and digital marketing specialists alike. Having all these apps at hand can help you feel in control of your work whenever you choose to do so. What would you add to our list? What other mobile tools for PPC agencies would you recommend?