Ralph PerrierApril 26, 2017

Click Fraud and Advertising battle of the titans

How click fraud has grown and road map

Can you name one business that doesn’t do any kind of advertising? I bet you can’t because no matter how great, innovative or profitable your business or startup is, you will need new customers. We now embarked a new era, the digitized era, which changed the way advertising had been done before.

Marketing specialists all over the world direct most of their resources to advertise on online platforms. Why shouldn’t they? Online platforms offer a diversity of potential clients, accessibility, and huge potential.

If you’ve been in the digital world for a while, you know about pay-per-click ad campaigns. And if implemented properly, PPC ads can drive a lot of traffic to your website, landing page or wherever you wish, and increase the conversion rates. What is it if not the definition of win-win?

The Downside Of PPC Ad Campaigns

PPC ads have challenges and threats you need to be aware of. The worst nightmare of someone who is running PPC ads is, by far, click fraud. Basically, any unwanted click on the ad link causes a click fraud. So, your payment goes in vain. The ongoing false clicks by either your competitors or the publisher of your ad negatively alter the expected outcome of the ad. That is why we call it the worst nightmare and seek to find prevention mechanisms.

Tell Me More About the Click Fraud

Some studies indicate that click fraud costs advertisers tens of billions of dollars a year. It is only logical that advertisers should be concerned and eager to find a solution. However, there is one factor that complicates the fight with click fraud. The so-called non-human clicks become more and more sophisticated and hard to keep up with. Publishers fake clicks for the sake of their profit, competitors do not hesitate to do it because it eliminates the competition. Since it is such an elegant solution for both culprits, they come up with newer ways of acting in disguise.

How To Cope With Click Fraud

Not everything is doom and gloom, sitting and watching how bots eat up your budget and leave you with invalid clicks won’t do any good. Rather, you should follow these steps:

  • Publish ads only on reputable websites and social media platforms. Do not jeopardize your PPC campaign by running after cheap sites. In this case, “cheap” is expensive.
  • Inspect the clicks and detect the suspicious sources of those clicks. You can’t treat the disease without diagnosing it. Do not settle for the average amount of clicks that are merely good enough. Dig more, find the click fraud, avert it and get multiple times higher conversion rates.

Get Professional Help

You are playing with a huge amount of money, which means letting professionals handle the problem is a wise decision. A third-party click fraud protection software like ClickGUARD will save you not just a lot of time and effort but it will prevent fraud through an effective software package and provide you with transparent data-driven insights. ClickGUARD detects the source of click fraud and makes sure your ads serve their purpose.

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