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Machine Learning (ML) Engineer

North America / Europe (Fully Remote)

About Us

ClickGUARD is an AdTech based startup servicing the Google ads PPC digital marketing industry. We use cutting-edge technology, pattern-recognition, machine-learning algorithms, and behavioral analytics to identify and eliminate fraudulent click activity from PPC campaigns. Advertisers use ClickGUARD to prevent click fraud, eliminate waste and increase conversions rates to drive revenue growth. ClickGUARD processes millions of clicks for merchants across virtually all industries and sectors.

About the Role

Machine Learning is integral to the continued success of our company. We are significantly increasing our ML team over the next year in order to execute on an exciting and ambitious product roadmap. You will join a team of curious, helpful, and independent engineers, unified by a commitment to deliver cutting-edge, well-engineered ML based systems.

As our Senior Machine Learning Engineer, you will be responsible for creating a wide variety of models, including but not limited to:

This role will report directly to our CTO.

What You'll Be Doing

  • Developing, maintaining and enhancing our existing user panel, trips and click patters models
  • Creating new machine learning models to identify erroneous or fraudulent signal, sources and behaviors.
  • Creating new machine learning models for various user segments based on patterns and behaviors.
  • Supporting custom model development necessary for various industries (eCommerce/legal/finance/real estate and etc.)
  • Collaborate with other data engineers, supporting new and emerging use cases (real time analyses of massive data volumes)
  • Write and review clean, efficient, and modular code, with automated tests and appropriate documentation.
  • Answer questions and make trainable datasets from raw data, using efficient SQL queries and scripting languages, visualizing when necessary.
  • Given trained model, deliver prediction-serving system with required scale, uptime, and monitoring.
  • Find the right model architecture and hyperparameters, debugging model along the way.
  • Stay up to date with technology, make good technological choices, and be able to explain them to the organization.

Qualifications / Requirements:

  • Experience with the above responsibilities.
  • Strong software engineering fundamentals (we use Python, Unix-based systems, git, and github for collaboration and review).
  • Essential dev-ops skills (we use Google Cloud, EC2/Batch/Lambda).
  • Essential machine learning development skills (we use sklearn, tensorflow, pytorch, jupyter).
  • At least 2 years of relevant development experience.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, or a related field.


  • Paid Vacations, sick days and Holidays, 
  • Unparalleled autonomy - We will rely on your proven expertise and execution to grow and move the needle and show us how the “magic” is done.  
  • Quarterly Bonuses - We strongly believe in profit sharing, incentive, and rewards for meeting objectives 
  • Fully remote - ZERO Commuting - We believe in the remote work philosophy working from wherever you feel most comfortable, productive and inspired. Whether that’s in your PJ’s with a cup of coffee in your home office or the sandy beaches of the Greek Islands. 
  • Competitive Salary range based on proven experience 

Life at ClickGUARD

We are a fast-growing and dynamic startup with team members who passionately believe in our mission. We value collaboration and innovative thinking. We’re looking for bright, driven, and passionate people to grow with us.

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