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Excluding bad placements automatically to eliminate low-quality PPC traffic

Unfortunately for advertisers, it’s extremely easy to abuse ads on Google Display Network. With paid search, Google applies a certain level of protection to your ads, saving you from lots of headaches. But running banner or video ads on the GDN’s placements is a whole different thing. You are usually left to the mercy of […]

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4 Typical Ways Your Competitors Are Clicking on Your Ads

Good, loyal competition is one of the greatest things that can happen to your business. It can drive you to find the best, most marketable, and most useful iteration of your product or service. But for every loyal competitor, how many do you think are trying to get a leg up on you using any […]

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How Does Click Forensics Work?

In pay-per-click advertising, the truths we hold evident and have to adapt to are the following: One, Google reigns over digital marketing, pay-per-click included. Two, here’s no such thing as a “successful campaign” without precisely defined goals. Three, everyone will deal with invalid or fraudulent clicks. Google Ads is arguably the best PPC platform there […]

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How Does Click Fraud Influence a ROAS Campaign?

If there’s one thing the marketing and advertising world never has a shortage of, it’s things to measure. There also seems to be an abundance of words we use to describe these measures, so you have your CTRs, CPCs, and ROIs. You should be thankful to have them because without them it would be much […]

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Invalid Clicks in Google Ads and How to Stop Them

Click fraud is a serious issue. Statistics show that ad fraud will cost advertisers $19 billion in 2018. This means advertisers are expected to lose $51 million a day due to PPC invalid clicks. This is something that marketers are worried about. As much as 78% of advertisers reported that they're concerned with invalid ad […]

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