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Konverzija 2019 recap - Lessons and Takeaways

"A Bosnian, a Croat, and a Serb walk into a conference room" sounds like a start of a bad joke. Konverzija, however, was everything but, even though it saw its fair share of people from Bosnia, Serbia, or Croatia. More than 20 expert speakers and over 400 attendees, to be exact, which makes Konverzija one […]

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Should Advertisers Worry About Chrome 75 Lazy Loading Update?

An upcoming Google Chrome feature might hurt ad revenue, but it might also give us a new way to fight against ad fraud. According to a report published by the Search Engine Journal, Google Chrome’s June 9th update is packing what could be a nasty surprise for publishers: native lazy loading. At the moment, lazy […]

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Wall Street is taking a hit from Click Fraud

Digital advertising is on the verge of the uncertainty. With its importance and use increasing on a daily basis, it still carries a battle with the ugliest circumstances that deliberately sabotage their effectiveness. Those circumstances are known as click frauds - the act of fake ad clicks that end up zeroing ad budgets and generating […]

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Meet the New Malware Click Fraud: Redirector.Paco

Around 10 years ago the only way to perform click fraud was by manually clicking on the ads. If you think about it, click frauds used to take a lot of time and effort. For one thing, finding those ads could have been a lot of trouble. But not now. The evil, yet genius minds […]

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Another Click Fraud Malware: Kovter

We all use different software products on a daily basis and, let’s admit it, they help us out a lot. Advertisers, media agencies, and marketers also use their fair share of software. In addition to legal software, which have positive implementations that do not have harmful consequences, they also use malware without even realizing it. […]

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