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Crush click fraud. On autopilot.

Direct your effort to where it truly matters. Let ClickGUARD monitor your PPC campaigns and stop click fraud from depleting your budget.

Your campaigns deserve better clicks

Your Ads are getting worthless clicks from competitors, bots, and click farms that distort your conversion rates and prevent you from getting the quality leads you need in order to grow your business.

ClickGUARD protects your campaigns from these clicks to
maximize your PPC conversion.

Stop click fraud

Eliminate waste

Improve traffic quality

Get more sales

Get better leads

Improve profitability

Not just click fraud!

ClickGUARD protects you from ALL worthless clicks

ClickGUARD is the best and easiest way to detect and prevent wasteful clicks and ensure that you only pay for real human clicks that are likely to convert.

Competitor clicks

Competitors targeting your daily budget to hide your ads from potential customers.

Fake bot traffic

Stop fraudulent clicks from malicious scripts and bots that click on your ads.

Click farm networks

Click farms that target and disrupt businesses and entire industries.

Anonymous proxy clicks

Fraudster clicks routed via proxies and VPNs to hide their real location.

Data scraping servers

Datacenter servers on distributed networks used for content scraping.

Rogue web crawlers

Spiders, crawlers, rank trackers, fake and fraudulent ad impression generators.

Hijacked applications

Malware infected computer or smartphone apps designed to generate traffic impressions for ad fraud partners.

Ad fraud display networks

Ad placement display networks that generate fake CPM traffic impressions and clicks to rip off major ad networks.

and much more...

Get Protected Now

The most intelligent click fraud protection available!

Our powerful system features fully automated click protection, available at the flick of a switch. You choose how protected you want to be. You choose which variables you want our automated system to watch out for. And then you lay back and watch your PPC traffic improve.

That easy.

The complete protection solution!

ClickGUARD is designed to do more than just prevent fraudulent clicks. We provide unrivaled actionable insight for you to know and control everything about who has access to your PPC campaigns.


Real-time clickstream information with insight into everything you’d want to know about your ad clicks.


Effective click fraud prevention and protection from any type of money-wasting clicks on your campaigns.


Deterrence and mitigation of wasteful click sources negatively impacting your PPC campaigns.


Campaign optimizations based on post-click visitor behavior eliminate low-quality traffic sources.


Powerful and actionable reporting that allows full auditing and accountability for every click on your account.

Better traffic

ClickGUARD helps you drive better traffic to your website with Pay per Click advertising. No more click fraud. No more invalid traffic. No more bots. Just clicks made by humans with buying intent.

and much more...

And thousands more of 5 star reviews