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All clicks cost you money, but they are not all equal. ClickGUARD will identify high-value visitors and eliminate low-quality traffic to improve your conversion rate and lower your CPA.
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Click volume means very little if it doesn’t drive conversion and revenue growth. ClickGUARD helps maximize returns on your Google Ads investment by optimizing for clicks that add to your bottom line.

Optimizing for quality clicks was never easier

Google is the only one that benefits from click volume. So get the most out of your Google Ads spend by optimizing campaigns based on data that clearly shows click value.

Visitor behavior analysis

Optimize traffic based on post-click behavior including page views, time spent on site, overall interaction and bot probability.

Click threat level analysis

Prevent ad clicks from known threats including bots, web scrapers, malicious scripts and blacklisted IP addresses and networks. They don’t convert.

Placement networks quality analysis

Automatically filter out low-quality ad placement networks based on the paid traffic being sent to your website.

Bad clicks capping

Set thresholds and prevent repeated ad traffic from nefarious click sources draining your budget.

Click value analysis

Eliminate all types of fraudulent and abusive traffic and get the most out of your ad spend.

Making every click count

Exclude visitors, locations, devices and ad placements that never convert to maximize conversion and improve PPC returns.

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Customizable metrics for your business goals

With ClickGUARD, you'll be able to better understand, identify and optimize your Google-Ads PPC campaigns for quality clicks that contribute to the bottom line.
Customizable thresholds
You set the standards because even within the same industries, no two businesses share the same goals and objectives.
Next-level targeting
Analyze the behavior of your converting visitor clicks that perform and set rules to exclude undesirable clicks that fail to perform.
Pattern recognition triggers
Set pattern recognition triggers that match your specific business requirements to flag bad click behaviors.   
Define your success
Success means different things for different campaigns and industries, so we give you full freedom to set your own benchmarks.
Block wasteful sources
Automatically block wasteful click sources 24/7 to avoid disruptive traffic on your campaigns.  
Starts working immediately
ClickGUARD starts working the moment you activated your custom rules allowing you to see the immediate results.  

The benefits of ClickGUARD

ClickGUARDs unique approach and highly customizable technology creates a multitude of benefits for Google-Ads clients. 
Stop click fraud
Eliminate fraud and all wasteful clicks from your Google-Ads.
Get better leads 
Target leads that are more likely to convert with real-time optimization.
Boost conversions
Get your ads in front of the right people who are likely to convert.
Improve profitability
Maximize campaign ROI with smart optimization rules.

Superior PPC traffic in 3 simple steps

Once connected to your Google Ads accounts our automated fraud and waste monitoring system immediately starts eliminating waste and boosting your campaigns for optimal ROI.

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Boost ROI

ClickGUARD analyses every ad click to identify & block fraudulent clicks.

Rated #1 in Click Fraud Protection

Elite Google Ads professionals consistently rate ClickGUARD as the best click fraud protection platform for effectiveness, features and value on G2Crowd, Gartner’s Capterra, TrustRadius, TrustPilot and more.
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