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Refer clients to ClickGUARD and earn 20+% commission out of every subscription payment.

ClickGUARD Affiliate Partners

Affiliate partners find potential clients and refer them to ClickGUARD using their unique referral ID and referral link. You don’t need to implement the tool or provide technical support.

Who can apply

  • Website Owners

Use ClickGUARD’s reputation and leverage our marketing assets and positive online reviews to convert your traffic into recurring revenue.

  • Affiliate Marketers

If you’re a thought leader, consultant or a marketing tech star, you can demonstrate the effectiveness of ClickGUARD tools to your audiences.

  • Social Influencers

With just a qualifying Instagram account, Facebook page, or YouTube channel you can become part of our growing affiliate network.

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All potential partners go through approval process. It usually takes up to 3-5 business days to get approved and receive unique referral ID and access to affiliate portal.

Need more information? Read the Affiliate Partner Agreement.

Affiliate Portal

Use your Affiliate Dashboard to track  customers you referred to ClickGUARD. 

Get instant insight into your commissions and affiliate payouts.


Track referred customers


Track your commission and total earnings


Track affiliate payouts

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