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Clickcease vs. ClickGUARD's superior protection alternative.

See why users choose ClickGUARD’s advanced solutions over ClickCease’s basic click fraud protection to avoid false positives, protect and optimize their Google Ads.

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$50 million saved from click fraud
2 billion clicks investigated

The facts on ClickGUARD vs. Clickcease

Our powerful yet simple and easy to configure rules allow for completely automated click protection that is set and done. In just minutes you’ll be able to design the protection that’s right for you and you campaign goals.
Realtime Click Processing

ClickGUARD processes clicks in realtime. Ad clicks are analysed and run against user-defined rules immediately upon occurring. This makes it possiible for the system to react to threats and perform optimizations instantly.

Click Tagging

While alternative tools keep tagging clicks as ""fraudulent"" even when they are legitimate raising false flags everywhere, ClickGUARD comes with a built-in custom tagging systems making it possible for you to separate fraudulent, abusive, distruptive and unwanted ad clicks.

"fraudulent" only
Display Placement Rules

ClickGUARD users can create advanced rules for to better optimize and protect your display campaigns from fraudulent and wasteful clicks that come from rogue apps and domain placements.

Automated Placement Exclusions

ClickGUARD is the only service on the market that offers automated mobile app and domain exlcusions, with a dashboard where you can view manage all exclusions for your display campaigns.

click frequency only
Post-Click Behavior Tracking

ClickGUARD starts visitor behavior analysis after an ad click lands on the targeted landing page. The system analyses on-site behavior in realtime, making it possible to configure and run rules based on behavior metrics.

limited (time-on-site only)
GEO-location Analysis

ClickGUARD performs GEO-location threat analysis for every ad click. The system automatically analyses click source location in real-time to and runs them against user-defined GEO-location rules.

Legacy Exclusions Management

When a Google Ads account is integrated with ClickGUARD, the system synchronizes all existing IP, IP range and ad placement exclusions, adding a severity level and appropriate tag, to make sure all previous click source based optimizations are not deleted.

Simple Click Frequency Rules

Simple click frequency rules are easy to configure but offer little in the way of flexibility as they cannot be combined with other factors, such as threat level, device type and VPN information, or applied to specific targeted campaigns, ad groups, keywords or GEO-locations (countries or continents).

Advanced Click Frequency Rules

ClickGUARD's advanced click frequency rules make it possible for the user to combine multiple conditions and filters to their protection and optimization rules, as well as to define custom actions for how the system should deal with specific clicking patterns.

Target Frequency Rules

ClickGUARD features rules that handle click sources targeting multiple campaigns, ad groups, keywords, domains, and landing pages.

Advanced Conversion Rules

With ClickGUARD users can create advanced rules based on converting or non-converting clicks to easily eliminate repeated visits that never convert.

Invalid Clicks Rules

ClickGUARD's advanced invalid clicks protection that exceeds the default one Google Ads is offering.

Device Type Rules

Amogst many other powerful customization options, ClickGUARD rules can focus on specific device types, so users can handle clicks coming from smarthpones and tablets differently than the ones coming from laptop/desktop computers.

Advanced Rule Conditions

With ClickGUARD users can create advanced rules based on converting or non-converting clicks to easily eliminate repeated visits that never convert.


Budget Savings vs ROI Maximization

The famous "budget savings" number is nothing more than a vanity metric. As an advertiser, you don't want to just "save money"! You want to redirect and get more conversions, more value, more quality traffic for the same or less investment. That process is called ROI or ROAS maximization and that is exactly what ClickGUARD is all about. Which is why unlike clickcease which focuses exclusively on dealing with click fraud, ClickGUARD goes above and beyond to put a stop to all abusive, disruptive, fraudulent clicks and all forms of unwanted ad traffic, opening a path for clicks from legitimate sources, likely to convert.

Realtime Blocking

When one or more rules are triggered by an IP address, IP range, display ad placement or unique device, ClickGUARD immediately initiates protective / optimization actions, to make sure your Google Ads account instantly benefits from your settings. Unlike clickcease we do not make exclusions in bulk and have no delays in applying both manual and automated exclusion actions. Additionally, all exclusions are available in your Exclusions Dashboard and all actions are documented in your Google Ads Change History.

Google Display Network (GDN) Protection

Because the Google Ads Networks is about more than just search results, ClickGUARD is the first and only automated mobile app and domain placement exclusion management platform designed to effectively protect advertisers from clicks coming from fraudulent and under-performing ad placements. For many advertisers using the combination of search and display (retargeting or broad placements) is critical for to their success. ClickGUARD monitors and blocks bad domain traffic to protect your Google Ads from ad placement fraud, Clickcease does not.

Flexible & Customizable Rules

ClickGUARD is unmatched when it comes to controlling campaign protection and optimization. By offering multiple rule types with flexible conditions, the system is able to detect and deal with IPs, IP ranges, ad placements and unique devices exhibiting various repetitive click patterns. This makes it possible for ClickGUARD to be fully customized to bring value to any business domain and competitive landscape - in realtime.

Detailed & Fully Relational Click Forensics

The data ClickGUARD collects includes IP geo-location, threat level, device analysis, visitor behavior analysis and other data you can audit at any time in ClickGUARD. We also offer IP address, IP range, ad placement, device, campaign and keyword forensics! All data is 100% transparent and actionable, making it possible for you to learn and gain invaluable insight to better protect and optimize your Google Ads account. You can export this data at any time for custom reports or analysis.

Accountable, Transparent Data

ClickGUARD is 100% transparent, accountable and auditable unlike Clickcease. All the data our system collects is fully available within the system, along with the results of our click analysis against a dozen anti-fraud and geo-location services. Knowing is the only way of avoiding false positives and blocking out legitimate customers! Same goes for all protection and optimization actions our system performs on your campaigns based on your configuration. There's an Exclusions Dashboard where you can get detailed insight on all system activity in realtime.

Post-Click Behavior Analysis

ClickGUARD performs full visitor behavior analysis after someone (or something) clicks on your ad. This includes measuring time spent on site by the visitor, number of pages visited, overall level of interaction with the website, bot probability analysis and conversion tracking. With these metrics fully available within the system you can create protective optimization rules to deal with various behavior patterns automatically. There is no need for you to waste time going through session recordings of hundreds or thousands of ad clicks!

Exclusions Dasboard

ClickGUARD is the only service on the market that offers a fully functional Exclusions Dashboard where you can view manage all new and legacy IP, IP range and ad placement exclusions across all campaigns! Data is available in realtime and both manual and automated exclusions are shown, along with information on one or more reasons an entity is excluded for the given campaign(s).

Advanced GEO-location Protection

ClickGUARD provides the most advanced fully relational GEO-location threat monitoring, detection and reporting for discovery and management of rogue traffic sources outside of a campaign targeted zones. This realtime analysis and processing helps advertisers quickly identify and stop fraudulent, invalid and abusive clicks from unwanted network locations that may be affecting both campaign budget and overall account performance.

Full Account Structure Integration

It simply is impossible to properly defend or protect what you don't see, don't know or don't fully understand, hence why ClickGUARD is the first and only click fraud protection platform to fully synchronize and each accounts Google Ads structure for complete account analysis. Clickcease does not fully integrate and simply focus on tracking clicks while ClickGUARD also analyzes and process all click data in relation to the accounts unique and complete structural characteristics.

Advanced Campaign Level Rules 

ClickGUARD is the only solution allowing users to create highly advanced multi-layer campaign level rules to uniquely protect each individual campaign based on its own unique campaign objects like AdGroups, Keywords, Device Type, threat level, Geo-location data, post-click behavior analysis and more. Additionally, ClickGUARD users can create and maintain target groups and reuse them within rules.

AdGroup Level Rules

Regardless of sector niche or industry, fact is no two Google Ads accounts are structured the same. The effectiveness of AdGroups structures within a Google Ads account is often the key factor that determines the effectiveness of a campaign. ClickGAURD is the first and only platform allowing users to create custom AdGroup level rules to protect campaigns from threats to specific objects within the campaign. Without this key feature all AdGroups within a campaign are treated the same by Clickcease which quickly proves to be completely useless and ineffective against advanced click fraud threats.

Keyword Level Rules

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is first and foremost and all about keywords, and ClickGUARD is the first and only solution providing the ability create rules based on specific keywords within your Google Ads account. Just like in Google Ads, keywords are monitored, analyzed, tagged and processed against all relational account data in real time. Without keyword level rules all keywords within a campaign are treated the same by Clickcease which renders any protection completely useless.

Automatic Campaign Pausing

ClickGUARD is capable of automatically pausing advertising campaigns based on user-defined rules. When bad or unwanted ad traffic peaks and your campaign ROI suffers from programatic click fraud attacks, the system can automatically pause your campaigns to prevent significant money loss. Along with other advanced rules, ClickGUARD is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to click fraud protection.

Google oAuth or (MCC) Manager Activation 

ClickGUARD offers full flexibility in how you chose to integrate, protect and optimize your Google Ads account with ClickGUARD. You can integrate Google Ads with ClickGUARD in any way that works best for you - by either adding it to ClickGUARD’s Manager account or linking it directly by authorizing your Google account with Google oAuth. You can also add unlimited MCC accounts to ClickGUARD.

Advanced (Multi-layer) Rule Conditions

Not all campaigns, ad groups or keywords should be protected / optimized by the same rules. Rather than trusting a black-box non-transparent process, with ClickGUARD, the user takes full control by configuring rules for speficic combinations of configurable conditions including IP threat level, VPN/proxy info, device type, as well as focusing rules on specific campaigns, ad groups or keywords or clicks coming from specific countries or continents.

Multi-Account Secure Access & Delegation

ClickGUARD allows you to manage multiple Google Ads accounts from a single dashboard with true permission access and delegation control for all sub-accounts. If your business or agency manages multiple Ads accounts, you can easily invite, manage and restrict team members or clients to specific sub-accounts under your master account. This allows for access control, management and delegation of sub-accounts from a centralized dashboard without compromising data privacy.

High performance data-driven marketers choose ClickGUARD over Clickcease

Those engaged in click fraud hide behind the shadows and the dark corners of the internet. To effectively wage war against click fraud you need forensic level details, transparency, accountability, and controls.

True data-driven marketers recognize that ClickCease’s solution lacks much needed control capabilities for defending against complex click fraud attacks.

If you're a ClickCease user contact us to get the facts about how you will get at least 10x more value with ClickGUARD’s advanced tools.

Most effective Click Fraud Protection

Elite Google Ads professionals consistently rate ClickGUARD as the best click fraud protection platform for effectiveness, features and value on G2Crowd, Crozdesk, TrustRadius, TrustPilot and more.

Protecting the worlds leading Google Ads professionals from wasteful ad clicks.

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ClickGUARD is used by data-driven Google Ads marketing professionals and in advertising agencies that demand full accountability for every ad click.
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