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ClickGUARD helps you as a Google Ads consultant

Protect your Google Ads and grow your PPC portfolio

Saves your budget and improves your ROI
Blocks bad traffic and improves conversion rate
In-depth click forensics for each and every click

Trusted by leading websites

over 5000 clients
$50 million saved from click fraud
2 billion clicks investigated

Go the extra mile with better Google Ads

You do your best to create awesome Google Ads campaigns for your customers. Each campaign has its peculiarities and its moving parts. You have to work hard to stand out in the marketplace, but at the same time you have to constantly optimize your clients’ Google Ads campaigns.

ClickGUARD allows you to optimize your Google Ads by effectively blocking spammy, fraudulent and irrelevant clicks. Through custom rules for each of your clients’ campaigns, you can make sure your ads get seen only by the right audience.

Consistently offer the best ROAS

What you and your customers want is results. By effectively blocking the bad traffic that affects your clients’ Google Ads, you can offer better results for each of your campaigns. Relevant traffic translates to relevant actions and good ROAS. Build on your reputation and deliver good campaign results consistently with ClickGUARD.

Stay in control of your Google Ads and your revenue:

ClickGUARD's unique approach and highly customizable technology creates a multitude of benefits for Google-Ads clients.

Without ClickGUARD

No data on post-click actions
No way to eliminate fraudulent or wasteful clicks
Budget gets wasted on irrelevant clicks
No way to maintain high ad quality
Data is not easily accessible

With ClickGUARD

In-depth click forensics for each and every click
Block fraudulent and wasteful clicks
Maintain a high ROI for your campaigns
Stand out with optimized campaigns
Get your click forensic data on the go (go mobile!)

How it works

ClickGUARD helps you grow your clients’ Google Ads and your portfolio by consistently fighting click fraud, optimizing your customers’ campaigns and achieving high ROAS for your clients’ Google Ads campaigns.

Identify click waste

Easily identify click fraud, bots, competitors click farms and botnets clicking on your Ads.

Block bad traffic

Stop wasteful and irrelevant traffic from hurting your Google Ads.

Grow your Ads’ ROI

Improve your customer acquisition performance with Google Ads and increase ROI.
Customer Stories

How CLICKPlacement stopped Click Fraud and reduced wasteful ad spend from 40% to 0% in just 3 days

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Would I recommend ClickGUARD?! Of course!
Todd Nevins
Paid Advertising Agency Founder

Hear more from our fantastic customers

Karina T.
CEO and Founder

"Amazing Click Fraud Protection Tool that Delivers More Than Expected!"

I started using ClickGUARD to manage click fraud, but after I set up the landing page and conversion tracking code, I realized this tool delivers more than just fraudulent clicks. I started seeing the user behavior and I was able to adjust my campaigns accordingly.
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Mario S.
Digital Marketing Specialist

"Well worth the price, a decent platform with good support"

Easy to set up, with the help of their team. We've been using them for over a year now and can see a significant difference compared to before. We use it to track keyword abuse, traffic and geolocation data. The reports are also very useful.
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Luisa C.
Growth Hacker

"A decent platform well worth the price"

A great platform to have if you’re running Google Ads campaigns that operate in very competitive industries. We like Clickguard because it provides a kind of firewall that we didn’t know we needed and now can’t live without.
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