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Your PPC for
E-commerce - made 17% more profitable

PPC is a must-have for online retail. But if you’re going to make every dollar count, you need click fraud protection for your E-commerce PPC Ads.

It’s quicker than SEO, which means faster ROI – essential when you’ve got raw materials and wholesale costs.

It’s a better fit for your business structure, so you’ve got more time to focus on building high-quality campaigns – it’s not a chore or a distraction from your day-to-day operations.

You get access to ready-to-buy customers who don’t need a funnel.

It works for everything you sell, because your entire offer is online.

Your industry is booming…

It’s worth $4.92 trillion. That’s 19.6% of all global retail. The numbers are staggering. And e-commerce is estimated to grow another 50% by 2025.

PPC is one of the best marketing channels for online retailers. Here ’s why:

And so are the risks

An average of 9.7% of all e-commerce clicks in 2020 were from invalid traffic, resulting in a loss of approximately $3.8 billion that year.

It’s not just the size of the e-commerce industry that attracts click fraud. Here’s why PPC Ads for e-commerce are vulnerable:

High cost-per-click

There are a lot of advertisers chasing these keywords, so the rewards for fraudsters are greater too.

Competitive sectors

When the stakes are higher, competitors adopt more ruthless tactics.

Online visibility

Large-scale campaigns across Google’s paid Search, Display, and Shopping platforms provide more opportunities for fraudulent activity.

Fight click fraud and
wasteful clicks on your
PPC Campaigns

With ClickGUARD, you can…

Block fraudulent clicks

Our real-time analysis lets you spot click fraud at a glance – and take action.

Block invalid traffic

Understand your traffic sources, and optimize to exclude all but your genuine customers.

Mitigate bots

Our comprehensive detection systems will verify every click, separating the genuine bots from the malware, and blocking non-human visitors according to your preference.

Create accurate reports

Build your PPC Ads e-commerce strategy on genuine data, not bot traffic. Real insights for the best decisions.

…So you can waste less ad spend – and sell more.

And thousands more of 5 star reviews